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  1. I don't know if this is done on purpose but we can't even go there to farm, while others can do that.
  2. So I heard some people are in there and XP for hours while most of us get booted the moment we set foot there.
  3. We had this in the past as well. Leaving the event items one more week and the npcs to trade is at least going to please the players and it wont' hurt the company in any way.
  4. Meanwhile I got none of these. They need to bring good items permanently not on events.
  5. Yes that was the most amazing time for the server to bug. They should make the event items last one more week after the event is over in all events so people can actually have time to spend the things they want, the way they want.
  6. I still have 0 Apostle transformations, no matter the amount of combines I did.
  7. It seems deleted event items is the new black, from now on they won't allow previous event items to be saved especially when it is regarded currency.
  8. Yes, but this is low key the worst thing, to get the bug the last day, not only we have a botched day due to maintenance, we also had the bug which took away 1 whole hour. Some people didn't manage to open snowballs because they had quite some accumulated and they took a ton of time to open.
  9. Thank you for bringing double XP/AP on weekend Kibbelz, that is great news and thanks for listening.
  10. @Kibbelz Yo we have a few hours left until maintenance, I am trying to open the last snowballs and your server is unstable. Don't delete the snowballs today, just give them one more day seriously. We even had the bug THE LAST DAY of the event again.
  11. Reducing the amount of mobs that spawn could possibly fix the server NPC bug if this is what causes it, stop the crawlers from being in any wave and stop the useless 0-point mobs that also spawn along with the point-mobs. Making a turret that makes the instance finish faster isn't going to change anything as the amount of mobs spawned seems to cause the trouble and you always need all 3 waves to finish, plus this would only help afkers and botters finish their lunas faster without even solving the "amount of NPC spawned". Removing luna daily and making luna weekly more im
  12. For start Flash is outdated and already not supported by the creators, it is already forced uninstalled by all browsers. Java is up to date automatically. This message below keeps appearing exclusively on the aion site when I try to login (not always), some times I re-try and it works the second time, other times it takes ten tries and other times I have to close the browser and re-open it. Fewer times it takes whole day to fix. Most importantly this is not an "issue" nor a "bug", it is a feature, because if I try to log my main account, it logs and I get no message, if I try to log
  13. Thankfully transparent transformation scrolls are cheaper than actual ones, because the transparent are given by a myriad of ways to alts so they sell it on broker cheaper than the actual scrolls on the GST. Also with the times fixed now we need just 6 scrolls per hour (unless we die in between) so having a few thousands is good for a year worth of gameplay. I remember having to use 30 scrolls per hour back in 6.5 because ulti transform lasted 2 minutes only, and transparent transformations were pretty rare costing ten times more than the normal ones.
  14. There are times this occurs because the server has issues, or because my ISP is causing trouble. most of the time it is fixed within seconds, I retry to login and it works the next time. Most of the times it is nothing you have to do to resolve this, it fixes itself.
  15. Inflation is the self regulatiof of generated kinah. It is a good thing for people to have kinah when they are those who make it themselves so they can afford to do their needs (especially when retuning one piece can cost you up to 250m) The problem is in the game design currently, if everyone could make everything for end game (like we did in 6.5) then the amount of kinah wouldn't make you a god, but would only help you reach end game faster. Of course gearing faster is a good thing because you can get many sets for each occasion but that is another topic. On the other hand 7.x is d
  16. If you see his forum name it says "inactive member", did he really delete his account or something?
  17. And then we would have a ton of people complaining that since they couldn't get anything, they stopped farming for meloons and thus now they can't get anything because they lack those. They defo need to stop doing ANY open world event int he future that give exclusive things to just a few that either were faster or lucky to be in a specific post etc. All open world events that require to compete with others fail miserably to act like events.
  18. Here are a few things though: Gambling can be addictive and smoking can be addictive, but smoking is not gambling by any means. Addiction is not an exclusive feature of gambling by nature, gambling is a feature of addictions, and all addictions are not relevant to each other. Being addicted to gaming cannot be held under glambling laws as they are irrelevant, also shopping addiction (real or ingame shopping) is also not gambling. Real money trade within the game is a players' fault and it also against the company's rules. The company cannot be held responsible for people selli
  19. When you leave the casino you give the tokens back and get real money, so that is actual gambling. The only reason they do not use the actual money is because they need to be able to toss around the currency without fearing it will rip. Plus someone could throw in some counterfeit currency so they can't take money on the fly. You go to the register to turn your real legit money to tokens, they make all the tests on your real money and if you had any fakes they would know it there. Tokens in casinos are just a security thing, they have real money value and you cash out on the way out.
  20. If the item says "can only be used for appearance once" then once you skin it you cannot reskin that to another weapon. There are two ways to get around this First way you will need 2x accounts, one with your main and one with an archer alt that has the skin you need. You have to be both to an instance that drops weapons, if bow drops then the archer loots it, skins it and then passes it to the main within 10 minutes (since it is still tradeable). The other way is to skin it to a weapon that is tradeable by nature and requires to be used to get soulbound. Crafted by aetherf
  21. Yes my comment was directed to thesecretcowlevel for quoting that old post about a new player that didn't know how to progress. The game also allows for drops to fall when you kill mobs... someone made a 3rd party to automatically farm mobs too, imagine if this caused a bug and someone quoted you for suggesting to farm mobs to progress. Playing the game by the rules can never be wrong, because someone made a 3rd party to ease that part for other people who want to cheat. The whole game is cheatable and playable by hacks and cheats and scripts.
  22. That is absolutely true but they wouldn't dare to delete snowballs that people paid for, because nobody would pay them a dime.
  23. I didn't suggest anything against the rules there and that was part of a big conversation of the whole thread. If you see where this was a reply was to someone who was asking how to progress and that was a reply to someone saying that you have to pay to win. Making money ingame is impossible in any other way. I also told them I used alts for solvents because it was impossible to get solvents on your main at the amounts needed. Making an account is not against the rules and doing luna afk is also not against them either. What is against the rules is using 3rd party programs which enab
  24. Online games are not gambling companies because they sell you items (virtual ingame goods) and then you use those to play the game even if it has gambling ingame with the items you purchased. The reason it cannot be regarded gambling is that there is no way you can cash out your virtual goods back into real money via the company. If NCSoft sold and ingame gambling currency like luna, to go to Daishunerk's Game of Fate, earn goods and then give you back real money based on the reward you got from that game, that would have been regarded a gambling company. NCWest is selling you virtua
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