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  1. We can't understand the message. You also took a portrait mode photo of a screen's message that is in landscape format! Das gibs me anxiety!
  2. The last thread she ever spoke was when she started calling bad words towards everyone, whoever disagreed with her she would name call and use curse words etc, we all reported her and Loki told her "bye". I think this is from the forums only but knowing how obnoxious she was, she probably couldn't handle this and either also quit the game or at least she never came back to the forums (unless it was a perma forum ban of course). And Nalariel was constantly defending her even when she would insult everyone. I think it was a way to show tolerance and try to turn her table for good, but
  3. As long as there is nothing exclusive to p2 and you can get it ingame by playing nobody should have a problem. Everything else you wrote is correct but you cannot expect people to not cheat and/or bot. lol I am more than sure the first thing you will see is bots reaching end levels in no time while farming things you still can't. Even if iti s a subscription based model, botters WILL drive the game for sure.
  4. You need to go to your main city and buy a hat from the essencetapping NPC. When you wear it (it is a hat so it goes to the head slot) the mini map shows you the nodes around you. But there is also some maps shared by some people that have the gatherables, @TheSecretCowLeve-KT has them I am sure. I have them on my older pc so I can't get them now.
  5. Fire Temple is daily so apparently you entered before the daily reset and your friend entered after the daily reset.
  6. It was a combination of badly implemented features that together created a way for players to exploit the game mechanics (which is against the ToS). Additionally it was never given the green light by an admin to exploit it, when GMs took notice they told people to avoid using it until they fix it and many people either ignored it or created chaos by kicking unwilling players in order to make a bigger confusion by throwing dirt to everyone and avoid punishment just for themselves. Stormwing transfer is not possible without GM intervention AND it was specifically asked by the community if i
  7. I took no offense to anything you wrote. There is absolutely no need to apologize to me.
  8. You could reroll a sorcerer, which is a Vandal minus the instant dmg and the survivability. Yeah it is a nerfed class when they have 1000 knockbacks and stuns and throw everything instantly while still having the benefit of hide and fight initiation.
  9. What I mean is that us asking to get the classic is pretty much the only thing we could ask for. The mods most people are suggesting are private-server oriented. I like how in RU servers they have an NPC that offers EVERY single skin of the game from past up to now with specific coins that you get from killing end bosses, and that is in their retail version. A good way to make people want to do pve instances and enjoy the role playing aspect for the MMO-Role-Playing-G. But these people are running their game 100% differently than NCWest does. If I could make an aion version it would
  10. It is the same level and it is a "brand new" egg so it has the upgrading quest as well, so if you transfer a fully upgraded egg it will have again the apostle quest. But the existence of this very same thread proves it wasn't an abuse because the first post asks this and other people already posted snapshots of the messages with the admins confirming it was eligible for transfer. They didn't regard this an abuse and it was their own call. The reason people wanted to transfer it was because we knew the mechanics of the game better than the GMs. Later on they understood that the
  11. Damn I knew I should have rushed and used all my tokens. I did 2 transfers so I got 3 apostles in total, I was about to get my 4th, I shouldn't have slacked. And these are my very first ever apostles. I have done a myriad of combines and every time I get the old 10 types. So this was the only chance for many people to get apostles finally. But we should be told about this, some people did 0 transfers. Not fair to them.
  12. See, I was right about these posts always ending up on a totally different topic. I also never said to not make these posts, it is just that they are almost obsolete, our posts about classic should at least focus on "lets get classic". Because if we get it it will most likely be what Korea got with regional nerfs/changes for us. At this point talking about classic mods is almost like roleplaying in the "Fan Creations" where people are allowed to dream of their imaginary Aion version with "has and haven't" to make it better.
  13. Broker bots are a thing since 6.0 when they tried to battle bots by making everything either soul bound or tradeable only via broker... which in the end gave bots and even bigger power because now they could still trade their things, but could snatch oblivious players' items. But without trying to sound bad, why is a post like this existing today? Unless you are a brand new player then you should have known this in early 6.2 not to put things for broker-trading in a too low price hoping to trade items to an alt without suffering high broker fees. We have all been victims back then and we
  14. Here is the thing, your keyboard is like a 3rd party device/application, it is a physical keyboard with a windows support drivers to take the input for the game. But this is the only way to play aion so not regarded against the rules (duh). You can play with a controller if you have one or get a mouse that has more than the 2/3 buttons which makes your gaming easier. Still not against the rules since you are not altering the game itself and you are not automating the play. You can get keyboards with programmable keys, like holding a button for 3 seconds and it will repeat hitting itself
  15. If this account is not brand new make sure to empty it, it will get hit by the ban hammer soon.
  16. We had this in the whle 6.x patch and they thought it was a good idea to destroy it and make the cubicle impossible to farm and then they implemented an ingame bot to compensate. We just never got the bot.
  17. Another classic oriented thread. No shade but these threads end up driven away from the main issue, people argue about what makes a game good vs bad, they make comparisons with other games, others debunk the comparisons, others insist and provide more comparisons and then everyone ends up talking a different topic to the original post.
  18. We had one like 2 months ago. These things usually happen once every 6 months.
  19. Ping reduction service a 3rd party? Of course not. Re-routing your internet connection has nothing to do with Aion. It is your connection to the internet via a different route of servers that are better for a specific target (in this case reaching Aion servers). It is like trying to play on an awful internet provider vs fiber. (on the next episode: playing Aion with a good pc is a 3rd party software since it gives you a smoother gaming experience and less dropped frames)
  20. But if anything, we have pretty much every way now to get the transforms. Every 6 months or so we will be having an ultimate promotion event and this is literally nothing next to what people had to do to get one for years. And trust me, the transform was a game changer mostly in 6.x patch. Now in 7.x patch you get a myriad more impossible things to get before you can try to pvp. Just try to enjoy the game at your pace, if you want to be end game top tier, even playing the game for years might not be enough, you would need either a mini army of alts to feed your main or buy a lot of t
  21. Try this: get the buff, put your rune and then relog (character screen and back), both buffs should work now and they multiply each other. This is how XP buffs/amulets/runes worked together in the past, unless they fixed this now.
  22. It is actually 4x, one from the main char +3 from the 3 tokens right? It was possible last year, I wish I knew it back then. I figured it out myself this year from an alt account that I did the mistake to give the pet to the wrong class.
  23. How about no, you will have to farm 500 instances in hard mode to get some special mats, spend spend 100 XP marks for every try, have to go on open map to fight for a mob that will spawn once a day in a specific location, put your home into morgage and then have 0.001% chance to get the dazzling chest which will be 100% random class and random skill. You better appreciate.
  24. We should get 1 kinah retune event once every month, skip the passive xp/ap buff one weekend and give us a 1 kinah retune for that weekend.
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