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  1. ...wow, man you know what I am so jealous of people like you that have persuaded themselves they won. We do NOT have this model. You can write as many arguments over a hypothetical universe you currently live in, in my universe --> Classic servers are not the model you just wrote. What we have: Our model will allow someone to create 1000 accounts on day one, 100% free and start generating kinah instantly. What I want: A subscription only model would make this guy pay 15.000$ on day one to even start playing with them. What we have: Banning bots on current model m
  2. btch please, you read nothing of what I wrote. You wrote a fking essay on why subscription is better and you forgot to understand WE DO NOT HAVE SUBSCRIPTION, it is a model with some subscription and some f2p. I am the one asking for subscription only, you are the one trying to explain to ME how good subscription is. Cya in 1 month with the screenshots of the 100% FREE TO BOT farmers
  3. Subscription subscription subscription... you wrote it so many times, you forgot WE DO NOT HAVE SUBSCRIPTION ONLY. We have subscription AND f2p in one model. We will eat shit from day 1 and we should be happy. The company shold be happy, the botters should be happy, the f2p should be hapyp and the subscribers will be happy. If you please f2p then you displease subscribers, if you please subscribers you displease f2p. You can't have both. We collide in interest. They should cater to subscribers only, if for any unicorn reason they wanted to please f2p they should have made them a sepa
  4. But NCWest is giving 1h for free every day. They are doing this to pretend this is going to allow players f2p. In the end the f2p players won't exist because 1h is not enough but 1h is more than enough for people with 10000 accounts to bot and produce enough kinah. My suggestion was to remove the 1h free for good, and if NCWest is so keen on attracting f2p as well, they could have made them a free server for all I care. WE DO NOT HAVE SUBSCRIPTION SERVERS... our servers are not 100% subscription based. The little f2p they allow is only going to destroy the game. I'll keep a link
  5. ...my god look at all those amoebas... you are all wrong, our servers WILL be infested with bots because our servers ARE NOT fully subscription, we have f2p as well for 1 hour that will do the job. Why the fk do I even bother explaining this, I should simply let everyone play the game and realize it. Jeez. OK, so the server WILL be full of bots, I hope your 1 brain cell left will allow you to see it.
  6. A subscription server will get every reasonable and serious player. We all asked for subscription. A free server would be filled with SA people, p2w people and bots. A free server is what retail is. Our current Classic servers will not be 100% subscription and will have bots. Lets enjoy the bot fest of our servers. I never wanted to play on a free server, I wanted our servers to be subscription only, but since NCWest seems to cater to f2p as well they could have had a f2p server and skip the 1h free to play in the subscription servers. If you still don't get it then we will tal
  7. SB is usually preferred because as far as I remember m.boost in manastones is a bigger amount than m.acc manastones. So the 40 m.boost/m.acc difference is easier to fill with m.boost manastones on a SB plus if for any reason you needed to attack manually you can do it in ranged mode with a SB. A yellow m.boost manastone would give +27 m.boost, a same quality m.acc manastone would give +14 m.acc. So to fill the difference SB overall has a far more difficult stat to surpass than the orb. You would need 3x m.acc manastones in the orb to surpass the SB's m.acc. While SB would only need 2x m.b
  8. Whatever you write I already know. BUT they do give 1h for free every day which is advertised as f2p friendly. This is what doesn't make sense, they tried to cater to f2p players and that 1h for free isn't even doing it, while the 1h f2p doesn't give subscription players anything either. Who does it benefit... bots! So instead of giving us 1h for free in our servers while f2p players can't even enjoy it then they could simply make full subscription for us and f2p in another server. The f2p and subscription servers wouldn't meet anywhere, we wouldn't have interserver instances ag
  9. I was referring to Aion Classic obviously. I want a full subscription for the server I'll play, not even the 1h free. Don't get me wrong, f2p brings a lot of players and bots that aren't always good for the game. My suggestion was for +1 f2p Classic server. If retail is still profitable enough to keep it alive with just 50x p2w players and like 50 f2p, then Classic f2p with p2w could be too, or even more than retail. I am only proposing that because a lot of people want to play it and can't afford it apparently. In the end, it doesn't affect me, I already pre-ordered and will try to
  10. We either have a subscription based game or none at all. If the game becomes more f2p and/or more p2w friendly then we will all leave once again.
  11. I still believe they could have had a few servers with subscription only and 1 server totally free for those who can't pay for it and of course to maintain it they would have to put items in shop. Maybe p2w people also like to play in a game that allows them to be first while others struggle, but that is how a game dies. Lastly if in your country 15$ is half a month's salary then 15$ in USA is not enough to even pay for a meal. Servers need to sustain in a big economy and the salaries of the employees need to be paid by this. They could have had servers for SA with their rates, just
  12. No shade, this is just for fun, it is part 2 of Aly's adventures. I hope she comes back to enjoy classic too. Here: For those who missed part 1:
  13. Or people who have pre-ordered should be void of the restriction to create any faction. NCWest is s treating the accounts as players when they clearly are not.
  14. ...this: ...hundreds of SM running around fearing people. I can see the vision
  15. OMG man wtf. The reason I asked is because with the same account you can play aion retail so I was wondering if you played retail and did something sketchy there, but you simply made an account and that is it. They banned you before you even had the chance to play at all. In this case I'd make a new account and use another pc/ip to make it just in case because once they say ti is final they no longer reply to mails anymore of that account. He didn't even play the game he said, he merely made an account and is waiting for Classic to launch to play.
  16. Damn these maps reminded me of the good and the awful times. ++ Gelkmaros/Inggison were always functional when relevant, then and now. -- Silentera Canyon should have never existed, it never worked and never will. No teleports, a big labyrinth, zergs, strong mobs, no reason to go there in the past, and they really tried hard to make it relevant by simply placing instance entries in 7.x. If the instances entrances weren't there... nobody would visit it for any reason. Such a stale map. ++ Sarpan was ok, but it kinda seemed already obsolete when they implemented it, it was neve
  17. But Aion Classic is not the old Aion, it is a refurbished version of the old mechanics. Plus it is based on 2.7 client and they have a lot of refinements. We only have a few days left to see with our own eyes.
  18. People confuse present day Gladiators with Classic. Today gladiators are pretty much tanks with canon dps output. They weren't always like that, back in old Aion they did have their anti-class which was the cloth. Today they rip cloths in 1 second and not "if they catch you"... they will catch you.
  19. If they had a single insight of where they went wrong in current Aion (pretty much everything they did was stupid), they would try to slowly revert the game back to being more playable like Classic is and revive the game. Aion is not an MMORPG anymore, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, these are the words current Aion lacks, Role Playing was exchanged with nothing, removed all professions, gathering, housing, social things etc so people can reach level 80 in 10 hours and then pay as much as they can to be able to pvp while doing the same instance for 1000 times hoping to get t
  20. I see people already making the cancer class of the old times.
  21. I think since they are both "aion" clients you will be able to open max 2 clients (1 classic and 1 retail) if you try to open a 3rd, you will get a message that you cannot run more than 2 clients, and then the game will close. I think it is not, since in the character creation we didn't see that feature. It was added much later along with the ability to print screen the presets. Those features were added when new looks were added so ther would be a collision trying to implement the later feature at classic aion. Remember, we use the old graphics and looks of characters. They did a
  22. Free of any charge = Free to login + 1 hour of subscription-like playing per day for free, then you got limits for the rest of the day. Subscription = Be able to play the game as intended 27/7 Daeva Pass = Subscription + additional benefits (like more passive XP gain, buffs etc), we have no information on it yet.
  23. So you made an account and before you could even play enough you got banned? Did you have any characters in there or didn't you even play at all?
  24. I got it too, once you get it once it seems to become more frequent. It looks like a feature to make us want to rage quit retail sooner. I preordered for 1 month, enough to see if I will bother running slow like a turtle, cast my skills slower than snails and try to survive in twinks/zergs or other obnoxious things of the past.
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