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  1. @Kibbelz Promotion Clarification

    That Gm Crown need to rename his name for Gm Clown...
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 9, 2020

    More like Nc never...
  3. Feedback: Event Thread

    Make the same Old Shugo Tomb to earn coins and put The ultimate Transformation selection box in the list so the free to players can have finally a chance to get those xform without the rng.. and dw you guys going to make a lot of money selling reset scrolls for the event again..
  4. Missing Daily Prestige Boxes

    And the Daily Prestige Coin..
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 2, 2020

    Well if i dont see chance to get Ultimate Contract Xform for free to play in this anniversary will be Disappointing for me but ok just going to keep away from this game more and more...
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Can we get Legendary - Ultimate Pvp Stones , Daevanion Boxes and pvp Fragments with Drops in Lakrum like Eu did?
  7. Ultimate Firebrand Items

    Maybe , but he say that he dont have problem to Link the Frostspark Weapon so whats the really need to Link the pvp one to do that specific instances?
  8. Ultimate Firebrand Items

    So , you are Saying that you have problem to Link Ultimate Firebrand Weapon to do PF and IDD? And you dont have problem to Link Ultimate Frostpark or Ulti Masterwork ? You dont need to Link the Firebrand to do that instances -.- because is a Pvp Weapon..
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 26, 2018

    Lol Hime you make my Day Ncsoon or maybe Ncnever? Hahaha
  10. Aion 6.0 EU release date 19/9/2018

    And Why Another Post with the Same?
  11. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    Plus +35? Lol Good Joke, the Best that i see was +27 or +28 in Aion Na
  12. Wrapping for Mythics lvl80 gears

    Actually You can Wrap the Purified Gear only if you have it +25 or Higher
  13. Prestige Pack Update

  14. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    Gj Again Ncsoft