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Weekly Server Maintenance - December 7, 2022 [Aion]


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  • Aion Team

Greetings , Daevas! 

Here are tomorrow's maintenance notes for Aion. Downtime will begin at 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 12pm UTC) and will conclude after approximately 3.5 hours.

The following changes will be coming to the game during this maintenance:

  • Black Friday Sale Ends
  • Shugo Game Final Item Deletion
    • [Event] Shugo Games Ticket
    • [Event] Shugo Games Token
  • Frozen Magic (Snowball Promotion) Begins
  • Winter Apsaranta Meal Kit Event Begins

Frozen Magic Promotion & Apsaranta Winter Meal Kit Event will run from December 7 – December 28 

Thank you!

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On 12/14/2022 at 12:26 AM, Hirenkyaku-DN said:

Grand Reward for Ultimate Transform is rigged. Don't even try. I don't think any players has gotten it yet. They should of done a promotion where you used a certain amount of Brilliant Prism will guaranteed an ultimate. That would of bring in more profit.

I've seen a few that already have it.

They should have BCM sales the first 3 months for those willing to pay for it and then make it possible to get f2p with events or transformation combines.

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