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Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

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On 22. 6. 2018 at 3:10 PM, Cheesecake-DN said:

I hate that...when it's been so long since you read the older material that you've forgotten things.

I know I've been guilty of that too. I'm really sorry for that. :(

On 27. 6. 2018 at 0:57 AM, Cheesecake-DN said:

You can't play Aion without making some friends. Aion will SUCK as a solo player. 

Yeah. I tried to get back. It didn't go well. So I returned to stalking the forums... :| I'm unable to understand how exactly was I able to play back then, joining random groups of people I've never seen... can't do that now...

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I hate social networks, but I have the use Twitter to follow this person's content. But one of the reasons I hate them is this trend most of them have created. "We will show you what we believe to be the most interesting stuff first!". Nyerk that. I want you to show me stuff in order. Why am I seeing message 2 day old messages first, instead of the ones that were posted just in the last hour? But, also, those last hours messages are also mixed up between them and 1 day old messages. What is most hilarious is that they call it a "Timeline", yet it doesnt respect its most concept.

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Will we ever, as human race, ever figure out why raw salmon and cream cheese is the best combination ever?

3 hours ago, Larxe-KT said:

Bryos has twitter?

Yes, but only to follow my favourite content creator and keep up with Aion maintenances.

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1 hour ago, Seinka-DN said:

That would require for me to know which tags are approprite. :|

#art and you can tag whatever it is you're drawing!

For example, if you draw Balaur, you can tag Aion, balaur, art, video games or mmorpg! Or all of them!


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- Thought headphones broke again and I would have to replace them AGAIN. The typical story, only one side works because of a stupid connection in its cord.

Not a peeve, and a huge relief:

- It was just the jack that was about to get disconnected. Crisis averted!

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3 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

Freaking art! I need to do some sewing things but too lazy.


I'm so tired. q_q I went to bed at 2am and woke up at 8am. Woke up with my arm hanging off the bed and sprawled out everywhere. It was bizarre.

That'll probably be my day tomorrow as its 2:30 AM! "_" OHLAWDAMERCY!!! And yes, you need to sew!!


I can't color gold for the life of me, it looks like rust! (Quality is reduced due to the screenshot program) BUT STILL IT'S RUST!!

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