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Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

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Guys, I think I got the job! Recruiter lady called me this morning and said the offer has to be approved by upper management, but I should hear back from her this afternoon!!     E

So good news, you don't see the cutting device because mine used a suction device that has the bonus effect of blacking out your vision. Tbqh, that was the worst part. Most uncomfortable, alarming, an

So, for our ten year wedding anniversary, we're doing a rewedding in the style we wanted back in the day, but we'd had to do a religious wedding for my parents. Going full nerd with it. "Mawwage is wh

Pinterest in a nutshell:

  • Me: Hi.
  • Pinterest: Hello, I see you like this fandom. Look at this amazing fanmade art.
  • Me: Damn, looks really awesome. So much creativity. Lets see what else there is...
  • Me: -Accidentally clicks on a frame with very explicit porn style- Oh... ok... Closing this...
  • Pinterest: Glad you like it. Would you like to see more explicit art?
  • Me: No, thank you. Im in publ...
  • Pinterest: -Homepage and nearly every recommended frame is that theme-

Never using that website again, lol.

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Double post, but whatever. This just occurred to me.

I understood the Minecraft hype. I understood the FNaF hype. I understood the PUBG/Fortnite hype.

I dont understand the Roblox hype. Is it still a thing? And if so, why and how?

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I've spent most of the day working on my Hyperion sorc wig, so it's on a wig head attached to my table.

It's also in front of my laptop (because I was watching TV on it while working on that GD wig).

I glanced into the room when we got back from our walk, and I thought there was someone in my craft room looking at my laptop. q_q Momentarily terrifying.



I want my title on the forums to be something like Unofficial Tech Support. ._.

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1 hour ago, Bryos-DN said:

On today's episode of "Dealing with stupid modern social networks".

Pinterest sent me an e-mail recommending the same porn art. :P Even though I specifically disabled notifications from it.


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I got a trailer for a new game of this franchise I love...!

But I got really disappointed when I found out it was just a fan game. :<

Also, not exactly a peeve, but I have "Take anything you want! Take anything you want! Take anything you want!" suck on my head.

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I downloaded a pirated game (dont judge me, I am not going to spend 16 quid on a 14 year old game). I triple-checked every single file and possible flaw just in case of mal and spyware. Then I looked back and realised how I have done a lot more potentially dangerous stuff. Made me feel uneasy.

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