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On 12/6/2017 at 4:31 AM, chaozduke-KT said:



I am new to this game What I would like is some tips on how to build a solo ranger for farming / PVE


Can anyone direct me so I can learn how ranger class works in aion?


Thanks in Advance!

For must have PVE Stigmas you would want.  Agonizing Arrow is not really a must have but it is good damage with a faster cooldown for higher HP monster fights.  Gale arrow for the mobile rapid 2 shot burst with an extremely quick cooldown.  Bow of Blessing for the huge attack gain from the buff.  Focused shots for the 5 charges of increased physical damage on your bow skills.

  • icon_item_enhanced_stigma03_ra_painarrowAgonizing Arrow
  • icon_item_enhanced_stigma01_ra_movingshoGale Arrow
  • icon_item_stigma01_ra_enchantbow_g1.pngBow of Blessing
  • icon_item_stigma01_sc_trueshotmind_g1.pnFocused Shots

As for the other two remaining stigma slots it really depends on your play preference in PVE.
icon_item_enhanced_stigma02_ra_shadowarrHeart Shot

If you want the extra skill rotation with mobility (Mechanic of using the skill while moving) with a higher critical hit chance.  Most rangers pick this skill over the others.

icon_item_enhanced_stigma02_ra_trackermiSharpen Arrows

For Rangers who want an overall higher DPS output due to the increased attack buff you will gain while its activated.

icon_item_enhanced_stigma01_ra_explosionExplosive Arrow

A slightly higher damage and more mana efficient skill over Heart Shot with a faster cool down but does not give you the option to use the skill while moving.  You will need to learn how to slide shot or jump shot.  Watch Mufflermans tutorial
icon_item_enhanced_stigma01_ra_hunterminHunter's Might

Like to see big critical hit numbers? If yes then this skill is for you.  Makes your next 3 bow skills 100% critical chance.  If you pop this skill then use stun shot & rupture shot & agonizing arrow you'll see a huge dps burst if the RNG damage roll favored you.  The majority of rangers do not take this stigma because although it sounds nice it neuters a rangers range making them extremely vulnerable to being attacked and reduces the effectiveness of kiting and will force you to immobilize your target.  It also has a very long cooldown.

icon_item_stigma01_ra_sealingarrow_g1.pnDilation Arrow

Mainly if you want an extra skill rotation in PVE but overall this skill is not really that useful in PVE since you would want to be kiting the monster you are attacking anyways.  Only useful in PVP because it reduces the casting and attack speed of your opponent.

icon_item_stigma01_ra_light_blazingtrap_Blazing Trap

This stigma is rarely equipped however it does do good damage even more so since enchanted armor gives a bonus to magic boost. This skill is a trap so you will need to think in advance and lure the monster into it.  Useful when kiting.

icon_item_stigma01_ra_resistmind_g1.pngNature's Resolve

This Stigma is extremely useful in both PVE and PVP situations.  It removes a negative magical effect on you and allows you to resist 2 more magical skills.  Many monsters cast magic skills so useful to avoid being hit. I would recommend this one over the others but again it depends on your play style.



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There are Stigma Builds and Manastone Builds:


The good:

Trap of Slowing is great for PvE. It has saved my life more times then I can count. We can trap the mob and use a poison trap then back away and heal up. The poison will not remove the trap of slowing affect, and the mob takes damage while we heal up. After using Trap of Sowing, tap the X key to end auto attack. Auto attack damage will remove the trap of slowing affect.

Blazing Trap does a ton of damage.

Lightning Arrow, Gale Arrow, and Heart Shock stigmas do not root us. We can use those skills on the run.

Dilation Arrow slows the mobs attacks. We take much less damage, but we should always use our Blind Trap to take less damage anyway.

The kinda good:

Sharpen Arrows gives us more attack. We would have to swap out either Gale Arrow or Heart Shock to use it. I'm using Sharpen Arrows now in place of Heart Shock. Gale Arrow has a very short cool down and we can double tap it. We get 6 (3 x the double tap) Gale Arrows for ever 1 heart Shock.

Explosive Arrow is fine, but we have to jump shot it to stay on the move. We would swap out either Gale Arrow or Heart shock with Explosive Arrow if we wanted to use a different Vision Stigma.

Focused Shots increases our damage, but we loose some physical defense when we use it. The drop in defense isn't too bad. I don't use Focused Shots because it's a little slow to cast, and we have to re-cast it after every five attacks. Bestial Fury/Aiming or Bestial Fury/Strong Shots gives us more then enough damage.

The not so good:

Agonizing Arrow will poison the mob. Poison will remove the Sleep Arrow affect. Sometimes a sleep arrow will buy us time to heal, but then the poison removes sleep, so kinda silly skill.

Hunter's Might, Bow of Blessing, Natures Resolve, and Skybound Trap have cool downs way too long. I like the skills, but if we are farming it could be a dozen more mobs before we get to use those long CD skills again.

Lethal Arrow has a 1 sec cast time, too slow.

Arrow Deluge is an AOE that does not do a lot of damage. It just agros all the near by mobs and we have to run for our life.

Trap of Clairvoyance I have never used this Stigma. It is used to detect Assassins? Buy the time any sin gets near us it is too late to use this trap. Just plain dumb skill.

Vision Stigma:

Night Haze is a glorified Calming Whisper. If we use it, most mobs will re-set. So if we get agro from way too many mobs, we can re-set them all. I use Night Haze.

Staggering Trap is fine. We don't really need one more stun.

Ripthread Shot has a 2 sec casting time. Not sure it's doing enough damage to justify such a slow cast.

Manstone Builds:

As of Aion 5.6

From levels 1-65 we may not need any manastones at all. The gear we get from questing is fine.

Go fight some mobs.  If you think you need:

More damage: Crit Strike, (Attack can help, but we need a ton of it to see much of a difference.)

More life: HP,

Blind and sleep not always hitting: Magical Acc.

After level 65: https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/1605-So-you-want-to-Learn-Ranger-Guide/


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I only agreed with focus shot it's useless consumes hugh mana I rather use strong shot + BF

However I like agonizing arrow and bow of blessing it's useful but night haze make mobs reset ? :o I didn't know about that it seems very useful then o-o
About blazing trap since it's based on magic boost and can't crit and can't use on boss effectively I say no :o but if I don't use focus shot what else stigma I'll get right ? :/

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31 minutes ago, Neleth-KT said:

I only agreed with focus shot it's useless consumes hugh mana I rather use strong shot + BF

However I like agonizing arrow and bow of blessing it's useful but night haze make mobs reset ? :o I didn't know about that it seems very useful then o-o
About blazing trap since it's based on magic boost and can't crit and can't use on boss effectively I say no :o but if I don't use focus shot what else stigma I'll get right ? :/

An Asmo created an Elyos alt. That Elyos alt was a low level and would trash talk every Elyos that walked passed him in Illuma. I would agro a near by trash mob, train it to the low level alt, then hit Night Haze. The mob would re-set off of me and insta agro on the low level and kill that trash talker. It was so funny. After a few days, when I would start to train mobs towards him, he'd run before I'd even got close to him. Even funnier. That alt does not hang out there any more.

Not all mobs re-set on Night Haze, but most of them do. We still need to move away, because Night Haze does not last long.

Blazing Trap at my level (74) is about 5k damage with little or no Magic Boost at all. I use it all the time.

I tested Agonizing Arrow with Poison Trap. The 2 poisons do not stack. Which ever one we use second will remove the poison of the first. Agonizing makes Poisoning Trap an extra trap we would not need to use any more. I created a 3 skill Custom Chain with: Nimble Fingers // Sandstorm Trap // Poisoning Trap. Comes in handy all the time.



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Unbelievable I mean I use agony rune on my sin on illume mob and it does only 600 dmg :/ (it has base 1733 fire dmg)

I'd like blazing trap if it do 5k dmg on boss and usable when someone tanking and does not stop auto attack

But again since I don't use focus shot what better stigma I'll get right ? :/
this stigma seems really useful for solo pve :)

Anyway thank you for reply :)



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Here is a demonstration on how to kite with some advance techniques.
The advance techniques are not necessary but they do provide you with mobility and more effective kiting.  Overall this should give you a general idea on how you can play ranger using that specific stigma build I mentioned above in PVE Solo play.


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Hi wellcome to the game :D ,  and to all my fellow rangers i really apreciate the time you dedicated here giving advice and sharing your knowledge.
I don't want to be a killjoy but i think Ranger is better suited for PvP and if @chaozduke-KT  best interest is to Farm and PvE, there are better classes to pick and as he said he is new, so reroll now won't be any burden. 

Heck get and Spiritimaster and kill bosses while eating Doritos lmao >_<  Check this video of my old buddy from Aion EU, this is from  5.0 so he is using old gear and is only lv 72




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