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Video of Enchanting Past +25


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2 hours ago, Lenalyn-DN said:

Wait so... will getting to +20 or +25 actually be easier? Or will it still be like failing once brings you back to +15? The video is basically what enchanting past +15 was like before 5.0. 

Getting to +20 is exactly the same as it is now, however the Purified items being enchanted will not break. The rates of going past +20 towards +25 will be similar to what going past +15 were in 4.X (most of KR report around 40 omega per item), and going past +25 are as you see here.

3 hours ago, MsMagnaCarta-DN said:

What was that 78 omega just to get to +28 a second time from 25? Did he get to +30?

He started at +28, and gave up for the day when he was back to +28 after yes, 78 omega. A lot of KR sit their toon at +25 and just level another identical character at that point, rather than attempting to go higher.

I've seen a few Assassins with their server filled with other Assassins.

Just now, DevilNest-KT said:

damn he burned 80 omegas like nothing only to reach +28,  @Mempo-KT  can you explain me how on earth some ppl here in NA have +30 items ?

Step enchanting, mostly. A player gets 3 or 4 copies of an item at +15 and enchants all of them up one by one until only one item remains. I did the same with two Arena daggers and came out with one at +21, which I sold, but I'm sure someone is still using it, somewhere.

Players have also abused the retarded support team to restore items, and this was rife at the start of the year. I know for fact a well known Templar had a few well over +20 Prov Greatswords restored by enchanting them on many different accounts and having support restore them on the premise that they had a "once per account" pseudo rule.

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Here are the tallies from the video:

Starting enchantment level: success / attempts (success rate) - odds to reach this level from +25 per round

  • 25: 25 / 44 (57%)
  • 26: 9 / 25 (36%) - 1 in 1.76
  • 27: 2 / 9 (22%) - 1 in 4.88
  • 28: 0 / 2 (0%) - 1 in 22

Each round resets whenever an enchantment attempts fails and drops back to the last safe level (+25).

And remember, you cannot use supplements whenever you are overenchanting gears!

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On 12/13/2017 at 8:05 AM, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

In the video, is that Abyss or Harvester gear?

From the English Powerbook, it says that the upgraded Harvester are not included in overseas 5.8 - i.e. we will them in 6.0.

They are upgraded Harvester.

I hope we get them. It would be a shame to miss out on content designed for the current game. 

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