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you can have someone else make an account and/or verify it for you without getting banned (some people say you should make sure to use korean VPN n blah blah but personally i never had any trouble without one).
unfortunately i don't have any names of anyone who could help you since my KR accounts were verified 6+ months ago
there are sites where you can buy clean/new verified KR accounts for like 10 bucks but i'm not sure i'm even allowed to say that here :thinking:

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42 minutes ago, Azzmaria-KT said:


they do not allow people from other countries to play the game? why is that? Year 2018 and we still have countries with those restrictions? Xenophobia or just cause they know they can have legal issues with their policies in other countries? 

It's called licensing , and yes, also legal  agreements. You may not be aware of it, but, for example, the NA version has to restrict players from certain countries since it operates under US laws. That is applied over and above NCWest publishing (licensing)restrictions.

Probably every country in the world, by the way, restricts certain countries from certain activities. It may not always make sense in some contexts.

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