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Efficient leveling from 41-55?


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It's pretty simple up until level 41 (Haramel 22, Nochsana 30, Fire Temple 37, Kromede until 41) but between 41-55 (beginning of BT runs) what should you be doing? I was told you can do Kromede until 47 then do Adma till 50 and then Dark Poeta until 55?

My cousin wants to start playing and I want to power him through until 66 at least when we get 3x exp after this event

So I want to mentor him all the way up until BT then just lend him my pure plume/bracelet for BT


Edit:  I used this as a reference...where are the zones that are mentioned?  http://aionloot.wixsite.com/mundiloot/engleveling

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Personally I read through the recommended stuff on that page (no idea what Lura and Mekaner are, sounds like Luna daily and weekly) and I find campaigns pretty boring after having done them 10+ times... but they are fairly easy and even more so since you can port anywhere quick now, so for a new player they might be good.

Do Kromede until 42 so that the dark blue quests in Red Mane Cavern (Jeiaparan Village I think?) unlock, then do them until 44 where you port to Hoarfrost Shelter then to the Bakarma Barracks (Reaper Outpost for elyos, they have a direct TP there through a bind point iirc) with the TP statue there. Do the quests until 46, move to Brusthonin to solo Adma once or twice to 48, move back to Beluslan to solo DP to 53, then to BT which you solo from 53 to 65.

With a leftover star or two and +100% amulets, it takes about two runs to 53-65; you might need help to clear Virhana and Taros if you're squishy, and for all bosses if you're melee (except Macunbello but I assume most people skip it, I however like the free xp from the one-shottable spirits on the way). Ofc you can duo, it'll take double the time but it's safer if you're uncertain about your class skills etc- but personally I learnt a lot more about classes by soloing group instances than by doing them in actual groups (except for chanter, I learnt most by solo healing instances meant to be healed by clerics).

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Hi.This is how I level my new characters.

  • 1 to 10 ....
  • 10 to 25 ,Veteron (Tursin Outpost and then Tursin Garrison) .Just keep switching channels if you run out of mobs to kill. [ 1 Berdin Star ]
  • 25 to 32 , Nochsana Training Camp solo or duo. [ 2 Berdin Stars ]
  • 32 to 42 , Fire Temple solo or duo. [ 3 Berdin Stars ]
  • 42 to 46 , Some questing including few campaign quests. [ 3 Berdin Stars ]
  • 46 to 50 , Adma Stronghold or Theomobos Lab solo or duo. [ 3 Berdin Stars ]
  • 50 to 53 , Dark Poeta solo (kind of hard for melee classes,due to constant debuffs.If you are a melee class,just keep spamming Adma/T.Lab). [ 4 Berdin Stars ]
  • 53 to 64 , Beshmundir Temple solo or duo. [ 10 Berdin Stars ]
  • 64 to 65 , Campaign quests.

Important: When you turn in a quest (when talking to an NPC to finish it) make sure to use tea of repose.This is also optional,but increases XP gain from quests.

Using berdin stars is optional,but it's very nice when you use at least two stars at low levels.It significantly decreases the time to level to 40.And if you are going to use them,

make sure to use the new stars when you reach certain level,so that you don't forget.Also use %%% XP amulets,that are provided from the NPC in sanctum and in the other



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DP is solo'able for most if not all classes, it is however extremely slow for melees like glads for instances, because every other mob binds you (as Lerio mentionned). Extremely easy for sorc, SM, SW. Skip bosses as they do not give much xp for the effort. I generally clear all the plains except the mobs that are all bunched up (5+ in one camp) then skip the lake area and go into the forest instead (more solo mobs = less wasted time). 53 in just one half of a run, easy peasy. Don't forget your major recovery pots and to pick up your boon & free candies from the growth quest (lvl 45-50) before entering.

I believe that 27 Stars from 1 to 65 is too much, you can do perfectly fine by using 10 at lvl 10. You'll run out at 53 (maybe earlier if you use a lot of dropped xp potions during Homeward Bound event, but it's over now), just in time for BT which levels you fast even with only +50% amulets.

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