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Weekly Server Maintenance - February 21, 2018


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9 minutes ago, Bryos-DN said:

I identify as a Reian, dont you just assume my race. -Sued-

Reian like an NPC? o.O

"Azzmaria shows a beautiful PAIR of wingS to Bryos"

(wont be so funny if i discover how to be banned due to "racism" with irreal races from a game) 

Cheese you can not be both!. one of them must have an especial place in your heart. :P 
by the way, if you are using both, you are playing in Katalam too. are you elyo or asmo there? Maybe I saw you and did not recognized you. 

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2 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

I'm Cheesecake the Asmo on Katalam. Cheesecake the fatbad Elyos on Danaria. :P

I actually need to log in this week and do luna. :| When I do play, I don't go out in open world or siege.

And I am on Elyos side onlyin Katalam. Also a PVE lover. it seems we wont meet. And even if that happens I usually do not PvP against another cleric (so many wasted potions :P )

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56 minutes ago, Asmodir-DN said:


Invasion give you 10 each time and mirash as given 5 to 10. But one you just get 1 time a week and the other requires an instance that is not very famous for some of us. Its buggy and ppl dont have time to waste to try kill the boss for 4 hours (i know of a bunch of ppl me included that were there for 3-4 hours)

But they can also put that quest not daily but 3 times a week, since it gives more.

As before 5.8 update, I am receiving 6 Minium when I open the Tetran box. Is it an error and I should receive 10 Minium?

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8 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

But I'm an ElyoAsmo. I play just about equally on both! (And never siege on either...)

I'm so hungry. I didn't get breakfast this morning because I was running late. :(

i have a suggestion how bout some cheesecake for breakfast

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