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Prestige Rewards Serious Question

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12 hours ago, DevilNest-KT said:

Skins > Stats

Both wings are obsolete, Archangel Wings are lv 65 and i don't know about a way to upgrade it to Archadaeva so that means is Non Enchantable, and the PvP atk and other stats is lower than AP 75

and for defensive builds there are better wings and easier to get than the Fine Netherworld Daeva Wings like Wurg the Glacier's Archdaeva Wings

"Lower than AP 75"?  The spinel medal wings in marchutan's priory don't have any PVP statistics whatsoever.  What 75 AP wings are you referring to?

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8 hours ago, DevilNest-KT said:

The pvp atk is even lower than AP 65 wings and i don't know wich npc are you looking at i'm elyos...  all the equipement purchased with Abyss Point and Spinel Medals gives PvP stats Prime Archon Royal Captain Combat Wings lv 75 2.3% pvp atk

@Avulcron-KT's confusion might come from the fact that the 75AP wings do not have pvp stats *until they are augmented*, so he/she might not be seeing the stats at the base level.

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5 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

Lol. Really? Augmentation and conditioning are both game design and not at all a scam.

well this is the guy who asked the removal of Fissure saying he will quit Aion because he fails hard there lol 

i guess i wasted my time giving him a full explanation :|


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