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Duo returning, need prep for 6.2 assistance


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My wife and I are wanting to give AION one more final go.  I was in the military for most of the games lifetime and keeping up to date on gear/ect was just never possible for me.  Now I am retired and really want to give the game a shot.  Since 6.2 seems to be new player friendly, it might be our time.

So few questions:

Difference in the two servers?  We haven't moved our characters (level 65 ish) and want to make the correct choice.  We like PVE and some PVP (group pvp not so much 1v1).

If your current characters arent super geared is there any reason not to just relevel them?  I have a Songweaver and cleric 65+.  Would it be better for me to just level them up and get the quest gear/survery gear as I level instead?

Are house items account bound?  I have furniture ect that I purchased from the store for inventory place.  Can I use them on all characters?  Are titles still a think?  With state buffs ect or is that all transformations bound now?

Kinah.  Should I transfer that to a level 1 characters I intend to play vice keep it on the current character?  I am thinking of maining a cleric..so make a level 1 and give it to him first (I heard its going to be bound at 6.2 launch)

Are weapons going to be merged still (2handers) like previously...and are any of the older weapons worth it or only new weapons going to be viable.

Is the patch on the test server?  If so can someone direct me how to play it.  I wanna test out the classes because I heard majority of the skills have been changed for each class.

Is there anything else that is super important if you are going from a main to making a new character that if I don't do before the patch drops will screw me or hinder me?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Let's see.

The servers are the same when you are talking about PvP and PvE. You may as well stay where you are. Or make a change! Either is fine.

There is no reason to level anything right now. You can go from 65 to 80 in a few hours. You can level a brand new character to 80 in a few days.. or one day if you are hardcore.

Housing items are bound to a character. As our titles and the like. So you can only use the housing items and titles on the character you bought them on.

The new transform system is like candies.. but more powerful. And once you unlock a really powerful one, you use a scroll to turn into that. Those new transforms are the only way to run and attack faster. We use run/attack/cast speed scrolls for that now. Those scrolls will be gone with 6.2.

Kinah is character bound in 6.2. So if you want to make a new character, yes.. transfer all your kinah to the one you want to play. No more swapping kinah between characters.

Older weapons and gear are pretty obsolete in 6.2. But they don't disappear. When you level from 75 to 80, you will be given a complete set of PvP and a complete set of PvE gear. It's starter stuff and not great.. but it's something. If you start from level 1, you will get decent gear all the way through so there is no reason to ever buy any gear as you level.

Nope. No test server.

Nope. Especially if you are going to start a new character. If you were going to level up your 65, I would suggest running luna dailies and weeklies regularly before 6.2 as Luna becomes important.

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Aly,  Thanks for the great info.  I have a follow up question.  Will items be sell-able on the trade broker for a new currency when 6.2 comes out?  I have a lot of event items that are worth a little bit of money and curious if its better to use the Kinah to purchase things before the transfer or better to horde Kinah.  Have like Summer swimsuits and such.  What can be purchased with the new currency?  Gold bars or something? and Kinah is only for cosmetic items or something useful?

Also if the Kinah is in the shared bank what happens to it then?  Someone said it needs to be on a character before the patch...if its in the warehouse does it just disappear or can still be transferred to 1 character still

24 minutes ago, Unskilled-KT said:

Welcome back and cya around in 6.2 :) 


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The Gold Sands Shop (the new show in EU) has a page where the new items are purchased with normal kinah. Including purchasing a gold bar each week. It also has a page where skins are purchased with kinah. Lastly it has a page where things are purchased with gold bars.. including the new items and skins. So it isn't gold bars or nothing. Kinah is still useful.

Interesting thing.. you can craft gold bars with your daily luna crafts if you happen to get that as one of your crafts. Those change daily, so if you are saving up gold bars, watch for that craft.

I don't know what happens with the kinah in the shared or legion warehouses. To be on the safe side, I would put that on the character you want it on before the patch. Though that might be clarified by NCWest prior to us getting the patch.

Old skins appear to stay tradeable in all ways after the patch. So you can still sell those on the broker or pass them between your own characters. Private shops are no more, so that is no longer an option.

New items will be marked in two ways. They will be marked if they are tradeable between players and they will be marked if they are tradeable via the broker. For example, the new manastones are -not- tradeable between players (and can't be placed in your shared account warehouse line nor mailed) but they -can- be placed on the broker. White gear drops (actually nice skins!) are neither tradeable to players nor tradeable via the broker. You can either use them or vendor them. It's weird, but I am sure we will get used to it.

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20 hours ago, OnyXsingz-DN said:

I came back to Aion to try out 6.2 in EU and am most likely to move to NA once it launches here, how is the speed for levelling new chars atm as I would prefer to have my char ready to go for 6.2 with crafting in place etc...

Leveling itself doesn't take long and you can easily get to +66 in 3-4 days as a casual player, a week w/o rushing things. I know some people level in a day, but I'm not so crazy about it. Aetherforging doesn' take long to level up. Took me a day, but I also used 500% crafting boost during an EXP event and I had the resources to buy certain mats I needed. I'd suggest you to get your toon leveled and go from there. :3

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