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Incoming layoffs for NCwest and hopfully Gideon....


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26 minutes ago, LadySparks-KT said:

I liked Gaile Gray she was "Guild Wars" to me. I played GW2 but I did not like it as much as the first one.

I think all this is just an excuse for NCSoft to close some games now that they have transferred them to the mobile phone. If they think I will play a game on the phone well, they are horribly wrong. If Aion will be terminate I won't ever again buy or play another NCS game! >:(

I hate mobile gaming with something approaching religious fervor now. :/ All these companies doing quick, dirty, mobile cash grabs at the expense of their fanbase is just getting gross all around.

I understand needing and wanting money, but, dang...

28 minutes ago, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

According to https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/auv0gr/an_overview_of_the_layoffs_and_events_today_at/ , the layoff is mainly due to lack of progress on two of Arenanet's unannounced titles. One of them is a mobile title.

Guild Wars 2 is shutting down?

Is Arenanet an subsidiary of NCWest? or NCSoft HQ (Korea)?

It's not shutting down. "All or Nothing" was supposedly written months ago (and the ending was hinted before that) and sets up for a really dark season five filled with hopelessness and stuff. Looks fun, even if I'm still pissed at who died.


I believe it's a subsidiary of NCsoft the whole, not NCW, but it could be NCW. I wonder if Anet can gtfo from under NCsoft because GW2 is still a popular MMO for the west. Get out like Bungie got out from under Activision(?).

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I played Bless with someone that was pretty hardcore into BDO. She said she could never return to the game because the amount of real money she would have to pay in order to catch up to everyone would broke her. I have never played BDO anything but casually, but that scared me enough to never attempt to play more than that.

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2 hours ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

I am basing this off the new player experience here not the existing player experience simply because existing players will always have it better as they should. Not sure how much you know about BDO so i will try not to make it a lengthy post to go in to full detail.

A new player in BDO will be met with 

  1. x2 pets $10 ea and if they are lucky a 3rd pet from the daily attendance reward if they started on the 3rd month,
  2. 2 maids $10 ea,
  3. 3x 7 day value packs(prestige pack of BDO) as well a coupon for 50%(mite be less now tho not 100% on this one) off your first value pack as well as coupons for other things like weight and so on.
  4. Inventory slots $4 worth or something not much at all.
  5. Lots of weekly sales on new player friendly items like weight/pets/inventory and so on. It also has new player packs that gives a player for $35 maybe $45 a little bit of everything including a month value pack. As well as a Tier 5(maybe T7 permanent mount).

All these freebies give them a taste of what the cash shop can do for them as a player with out making them not participate in core gameplay I.E grinding/lifeskilling. Lifeskilling can actually be done and enjoyed in BDO with a total of $60 put in to the game.

A new player in Aion is met with

Well that is just it when i look at Aion's cash shop as well as its general first month in the game it really does not have anything it can offer its new players. A 7 day prestige pack and I think you can get a free 7 day mount and a few items(i forgot all the items you got). Then when you look at Aion's cash shop it does not scream new player it screams existing player. Expensive mounts, Expensive storage expansion, enchantment items, Event items and so on. None of which would enhance the new players experience in the game.


This is with-out mentioning all the issues inside the game like Kinah problems and so on. All in All nothing Aion does nothing to help a player feel like their game can be enhanced by the cash shop it feels like it replaces what should already be in the game...I.E transparent scrolls. <--- Does not affect me at all but i know to many its an annoying feature that is purposefully not getting put in game to tempt players in to buying them for RMT out of frustration of the want to see their own character. 


Unfortunately this would need to be about 3 pages long to really get in to it as it is a lengthy topic that ties in to the entire first 3 month journey in both games.

BDO offers all of that for free for new players? Interesting...

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Mr. Squid is correct. In fact if you are gone for 30 days you get a lot more stuff and can actually make tons of in game silver with life skills.  Mounts are permanent, nothing aggravates me more than a in game "rental" item. I played Aion 9 yrs and really see nothing right now in the cash shop that would interest me. Also, do not play BDO anymore. For the most part bounce from FF14 to GW2 at this point. Sorry for anyone that is getting let go. have seen too much of that in my life and the effect it can have on their home life. Hope the best for them in any future endeavors.

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  • Cyan locked this topic
  • Aion Team

It should be no surprise that this thread is locked. It's fine to post feedback and have other discussions related to the game. However, when people are wishing for, and advocating for having individuals lose their job that's when it crosses the line. If you have feedback on what's available or other related topics you're free to post them in a constructive manner and it will be shared with the rest of the team. 

Thank you.

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