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Aion PvP Enchantment Stone shop - Cheaper than BCM


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since the bcm has released ancient pvp enchantment stones for the rates below:


I'm officially opening my shop.

For the low price of 2000 black cloud coin, I will guarantee you 12 ancient pvp stones or at least 1 legendary pvp stone and 9 ancient pvp stones.

My store is open Mondays,Thursdays and Sundays

Just PM me ingame and we'll sort out the details


Thank you NCSoft for helping us players with great bcm deals



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lol. That was so funny. xD 

But becarefull. remember that in the same way they do not know how the game works and add those stones with that stupid price, they will probably won´t understand your joke and will think you are making advice for an illegal thing. ¬¬

Explanation for the people working in NCWest: (and apollogies for the players for explaining a good joke)

some PvP instances gives bags with enchanment stones. Those bags can give 3 ancient stones or 1 legendary stone. In Ashunatal Dredgion if your team is really good and you are fast (or your enemies so slow) you can kill 4 mobs that provides 1 bag each. So he/she is not selling things in an illegal way or making advertisement for a RMT thing. He/she is making fun about how easy is to get those stones ingame. 

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53 minutes ago, XYZX-DN said:

10/10 good job @Cyan Listening to the community and finally upgrading the bcm with items we wanted at a fair price god bless?

Please be more clear that this is sarcasm, this team is so out of touch they might believe you are actually praising this blatant price gouging.

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You have got to be kidding me NCsoft.... like how numb are you to reading and understanding your player base? 5 bucks for 1 ancient pvp stone.... what in the actual F? This is just wow..... please go to Korea, do what they do and make the prices fair and stop trying to cheat your player base ( well, the people you have left I mean). I am so glad i put this game on hold and it really will never get better. 


Freakin have a managment team who has zero clue.

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