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Asmo originally have white wings and look same as Elyos


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That is partially incorrect. Before cataclysm, there wasn't Elyos or Asmodians as race in general, simply humans and Daevas. It was during and after the Tower's destruction that over the years their once same language became two different languages. The daevas on the northern side of Atreia were covered always in darkness (based on the very first trailer of the game) and had go adapt to the cold and lack of light. That's why as years went by the color of their skin and wings became darker.

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As I always understood it, the Elyos have changed since the cataclysm as well, though not as dramatically as the Asmodians. The constant sunshine browned their skin and lightened their eyes. So the true Atreian wouldn't look like the traditional Asmodian or Elyos.

Ofc with updates Elyos and Asmodians look pretty much alike anyway now.

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Here's a translation. Pardon if a bit clunky in places, got lazy about rereading and tried to keep as close to the original as sensibly possible:

Following Balaur Lord Fregion's attack, the Tower of Eternity was split into two.


Atreia was split into two parts, but although Aion's Tower was destroyed, its light kept illuminating the Southern hemisphere. The Northern hemisphere, on the other hand, fell into darkness. Its lands became barren, full of cold and darkness.

Thus, Atreia was divided into two completely different worlds, each unaware of the other's existance.

Daevas cried over the losses brought by the Cataclysm, but understood that grief and sadness cannot last forever.

Under Ariel's leadership, Southern part of Atreia decided to build a new city to forget about the horrors of the past and prosper.

Meanwhile, the lack of Aion's light caused the daevas of the Northern hemisphere to change outwardly.

Their wings blackened and their skin became pale.

Humans and daevas united forces to build a new city that would save them from despair.

And so, inhabitants of both halves of the split Atreia decided to forget about the terrible Cataclysm and build capitals for their nations.

Celestial leader (Russian term for Seraphim Lords, I think?) Ariel united the forces of four Empyrean Lords and daevas to build Sanctum. A city of light to eternally preserve the memory of Ancient Atreia.

The people of North united under Azphel's lead. Together, they focused on building Pandaemonium. A city that would grant a reprieve from hardships and erase the horrors of the Cataclysm.

The day Sanctum was completed, a great celebration was held. Ariel together with other Empyrean Lords solemnly lifted the city into the skies.

When Pandaemonium was completed, five Empyrean Lords lead by Azphel established a powerful aetheric field around the city to protect it against enemmy attacks and the destructive power of time.

(cont. about Elysea) Humans and daevas praised Siel and those that had sacrificed themselves for a brighter future during the Cataclysm. The opening of the city marked the beginning of a new era. Southern people began calling themselves Elyseans.

(cont. about Asmodae) People of North called themselves Asmodians. Together, they beheld the majestic Pandaemonium that became their symbol for rebirth and prosperity. Tears of joy and pride filled the eyes of both humans and daevas.

Sanctum and Pandaemonium became the capitals of Elyseans and Asmodians.

The wounds of Cataclysm gradually healed.

Life on Atreia had begun anew.

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