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Pandora it's better, no need to test it. Base stats from pandora are a pretty higher than voidsoul, a small differente in PvE stats like in weapon case 158 atk & def in voidsould and 114 atk & def in Pandora its negligible, when voidsoul gives 3628 base atk and Pandora gives 4116.

the same goes for other pieces for example:

-Necklace gives 21 less attack but you gain a lot more in other stats like 250 accuracy & magic accuracy.

-Jerking gives 153 more base attack and more HP, Phy def and Magic def.

Also Ultimate gives 4 bonus while legendary gives 3, thats more stats lost.


In summary you will do quite a lot more DPS and also u will be more tanky with Pandora.

Now with 7.0  so close i don't know if it's worth the effort and time or not (as there are new easy instances that gives ultimate gear like PF normal mode, Stella easy Mode, IDD reduced to 6 man, No dragon form No shields).

I have the set, sometimes i found the quests fun and relaxing some other times annoying XD. 

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24 minutes ago, DevilNest-KT said:

sometimes i found the quests fun and relaxing some other times annoying XD. 

This is kind of where I'm at with it. I've started doing them on my sorc (favorite/most played alt). It's just something to pass the time when I'm bored, plus I like the skins.

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Oh cool, thanks a lot guys. Its not as big as an issue as gearing up as more like how to ease my runs more. I already do pf and I am also at the ulti chest part so no issue there. Just looking for ways to do more dps until I get full set :P before 7.0 ofc. When is it droppin btw?

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44 minutes ago, LordAsherion-KT said:

When is it droppin btw?

Hard to say. EU is getting it later this month. My GUESS for NA would be late August or September. Knowing NCWest though, I wouldn't be at all shocked if it's later -- or if it's earlier, for that matter. You never know with this region. 9_9

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