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Aion Shutting Computer Down Unexpected


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Hi everyone. Y'all know me. I'm not usually one to start a thread at all especially one describing a computer problem I'm having that is stumping me. Hoping Cheesy sees this so, here goes.....

It seems that since the last patch for whatever reason sometimes after playing Aion for 15 to 20 minutes my computer will suddenly shut down as if the power has been cut off to it. This is my big gamer folks not the laptop I had on Vacation, and it is less than a year old and way, way over the top spec wise for Aion. Here are some basic specs:

I'll have to get the Motherboard number but it is a Gigabyte Gaming board w/dual bios.

Graphics is an 8 gb GDDR5 ATI  gaming card that broke the bank. I'll have to get Number.

CPU is an AMD Black Edition 8 core 5430.

32 gb Corsair DDR 4 RAM

Runs 2 ssd's and 3 2 TB HD's 7200 rpm.

Also has DVD burner and card reader.

Runs Windows 10 Home ed.

The Windows installation is old and might need redone. Since my games aren't on the main HD reloading windows is fairly easy. I usually only install necessary updates and my version of Windows 10 has had the bloat that usually comes with Windows removed.

And finally, Yes, this only happens with Aion. This doesn't happen on any of the other 8 games I play and many of them are much more demanding system wise.

I confess I've been all through my Windows installation and Aion game files and can't find anything amiss. And while I'm not as good as Cheese is with software I'm far from a Novice and am certified in IT tech (Mostly hardware and coding/Comp Languages). I'm hoping that maybe someone else is having a similar issue?

I'll leave things here for now. And I thank anyone in advance for your replies.


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Is your PSU having any issues?

Have you tried an older/newer version of your graphics card drivers?

Have you updated Windows?

Have you turned down the Aion graphics and/or changed from full screen to windowed mode?

Is there any dust in the case that needs cleaning out?

Is the electric circuit in your house stable? (My first house in NC had bad wiring, and it'd sometimes shut my computer off while gaming. Was so annoying.)

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Thanks Cheesy, Matsukamy, and Jinky for your replies.

While I'll certainly look into the house wiring as it is old (1986) and come to think of it y'all might be onto something here (I'll plug it in somewhere else with a new heavy duty cord and see if that changes things). My PSU recently had to be replaced due to a power surge from a bad lightning storm about 3 months ago (another reason I'm leaving Florida). I replaced the Antec modular 1000 watt PSU with a much more expensive EVGA 850 watt Gold standard Modular PSU that has it's own internal circuit breaker system. With exception to this latest incident which started very recently (seems to have manifested after latest patch tho I can't rule out coincidence) even with the 250 less watts than my original it has been working flawlessly.

The case could use a cleaning which I had planned to do anyway before my move 1st week of November. I also need to replace one of my  6 case fans as one of the back ones quit working (this quit over 2 months ago tho and since all the others were doing fine I hadn't thought it urgent tho I have bought the new one).

Also my graphics driver was recently updated around 3 weeks ago so as you suggest Cheese I can try rolling that back as well. I will do as y'all suggest and let y'all know what happens once it is all done.

Again I thank all of you for your suggestions.

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Is it plugged into a power strip/surge protector? I had to replace mine at one point. Sometimes you get janky computer parts, too, so it might be worth getting/borrowing a tester to see if it is your PSU before you try to return your new one.

And my google search pulled up people saying only a single game would cause the shutdown, and it was bizarre. No explanation why other than replacing their power supply fixed it. One person on one game said lowering graphics and changing from full screen fixed it for them while others said that didn't do anything for them.

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OK typically if it is a PSU problem then you have a problem right from the start and not shutting down like it is doing.  This is typically heat realated and 9 time out of 10 it is a simple matter of crap built up in the CPU cooler if it is a fan cooled system.  It obviously cool enough to start the game but heats over time and not getting cooled quick enough.  Check the cpu cooler first especially if you have pets and a crappy case with poor dust covers.

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Well, it wasn't the PSU. But it does seem to have been the power chord I use from the plug to the surge protector (Computer is in the middle of my living room. had no other place for 50" screen, lol) and a new extension chord fixed it. Played for hours today with no shut downs. Weird tho it only happened on Aion.


It is air cooled but with an aftermarket gaming cooler. Not the one that comes in the box with the cpu. In fact, I had to modify the side of the case to accept it its so large, lol. And I do have cats so cleaning it every 6 months has become routine. I ran my motherboards heat monitor today while playing and it stayed under 75C which is good for an AMD. I plan to switch to water cooling as soon as I get moved. My case is an Antec server case so I have the room for even more fans than I'm using. Truthfully its this black dust & the moisture we have around here more than my cats (I live on an island in a lake which is in an area of Florida that is very swamp like similar to the Everglades). I run 3 air filters inside just so I can breathe normally. I'm from the high desert out west. I'm not used to this humidity. Which is another reason I'm moving to Illinois next month.

Thanks Cheesy, and thank you everyone for your replies. I kept looking for a problem within my machine and here it was an older extension chord that I guess was somehow tripping the breakers in either the surge protector or my PSU, or something to that affect. I have no theories however as to why it only happened while playing Aion nor why it seemed to manifest following the latest patch. I can only contribute it to coincidence.


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