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What happened to our skin rotations?


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So like....what happened to our schedule of skin rotations where you guys would bring back old skins for a certain amount of time and who tf is in charge of Monthly items in bcm? We are being starved of skins for awhile and the monthly store you guys gives us is skins nobody even wants to look at ???

In October you gave us costumes that dropped in a event before, like I dont think one person bought them from bcm. And this one, my god, I know its Christmas but there is more skins out there that have that "Christmas" look.

If you want peoples money, why dont you post skins people actually want or skins we havent seen in awhile. The broker is looking empty and sad. @Cyan

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The skins they put up on the BCM for October/Halloween were depressingly out of touch- but at least they listed something? I guess? 

I won't spend a dime on things like enchantment stones, but everyone will shell out for cosmetics: mounts, emotes, motions, and skins. The NPCs that previously sold the basic motion sets and emotes aren't in-game anymore and I hear people asking on LFG about this regularly. We also desperately need more weapon skins available. The current gear system is, and will continue to be, purifying into the new tier of equipment; even if you have a skin that can be used more than once (for example, I have been using the Corsair's Mace skin for several patches until now) it is lost forever during purification.

There are hundreds of skins and mounts that other regions have had since 4.8 that NA has yet to see, and no I don't mean the copyrighted Hello Kitty stuff that we won't ever see- so for the love of god, please stop listing the same shitty event skins on the BCM. No one wanted the Dapper Jack skins! I was throwing them away in bulk when I got them from the event, you think people are going to pay real money for that garbage? Solorius Hat? You mean the dirt cheap skin we used to be able to buy in Sanctum, the one that is so old that the hair looks like it was rendered before the graphics update?


The Solorius Tree and Candle costumes are a good start! But here are some other wintery and holiday skins people want and might actually pay for: 

  • Snowman Skin
  • Woolwoven Scandal
  • Retro Checkered Outfit
  • Warm Panda Padding
  • Fuzzy Feline Parka
  • Warm Daru Down
  • Harehood
  • Feline Hood
  • Slope Suit 
  • Red Couple's Slope Suit
  • Sky Blue Couple's Slope Suit
  • Iridescent Couple's Slope Suit
  • Mafia Suit
  • Simple Country Coat
  • Modern Outerwear 
  • Spiffy Winter Look
  • Resplendent Jolly Coat
  • Frozen Aristocracy 
  • Moonlit Hanbok
  • Refined Hanbok
  • All Wrapped Up
  • Frosted Ensemble
  • Aquilon's Crystal

I am just going to hope these show up in January or in the Christmas events, because otherwise y'all at the NC offices need a good bap on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. 

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4 hours ago, Haniya-DN said:

I am just going to hope these show up in January or in the Christmas events, because otherwise y'all at the NC offices need a good bap on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. 

Tbh whoever is in charge of the monthly events should be fired or put somewhere else. As if they think anyone would waste their money on ugly skins that were so cheap once. The game is becoming so empty of skins its insane. The only thing i have to save them is Luna and they dont even give us an option to make it bigger (which i really wish they would i would buy the sh i t out of luna to upgrade for more slots). If this upcoming christmas event gives us the same skins that were in bcm imma flip out 

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If you look how bad our BCM is compared to EU. We have a total of 6 skins. 3 of them are the snake costumes that were given out in bundles from old events. The Carousel has been on the BCM since last year and i have yet to see but a couple of people actually wear it.



And here is EU. A total of 35 costumes as of right now. Some i have never seen in this game before.. hmmmm


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