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Hey guys, im just returning from a 4 year break. A lot has changed in this game. I'm currently lvl 80, it took 2 days to lvl from 65-80. Ive figured out how to get the free gear at lvl 76.

My question is what is the highest PVP/PVE gear out there and how do i get them? I was pretty maxed out on the best gears when i left.

I want to know what instances i need to run to get the highest grade PVE gears. How do i get the PVP gear? im looking at the growth quest for the free gear but that cant be the best can it? If

there's an NPC that sells the best PVP gear please tell me where he is and how to get the coins to buy it. Also what is the name of the highest coin? When i left it was blood mark and something else

that i cant remember right now lol.


Thank you for your help :)

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Er, ya, Cheesy and you have been missed my friend.

Back to business: 

To get you started you can do the quests around Lakrum to earn genesis crystals. These will buy you slightly better gear than the free Lakrum protector/scout gear you get by doing the story quests when you get there. These NPC's you buy them from are inside the 2nd building from the left or the 1st entrance to the left of the teleportation station/statue. Once you have this gear you should be able to pretty much survive anything in Lakrum, unless you really suck, lol, he, he, he, - sorry, couldn't resist a bit of humor, lol. 

From this point forward there are several solo instances in Lakrum you can run that have good drops in them. However I advise against running them until you have at least half to 3/4 of the pieces from the genesis crystals especially the Her...(sorry, it's on the tip of my tongue)..Her.... Mine (you'll know it when ya see it) as without that gear you'll die fighting the boss before the boss near the end - guaranteed!! (Unless your a Vandal then you might have a slight chance, lol).

You will also notice two NPC's outside with the yellow triangles on top of them. These two hand out some really good legendary gear for what is called Windstream event quests which, upon completion you can later turn this gear in for Ultimate gear. It's far from the best but it is pretty good gear to get you started with. One NPC is for PVE gear, and the other is for PVP gear. The quests aren't that hard but I cannot recommend these quests to you without posting a Warning: The instructions given for how to complete these quests are very hard to understand especially if you are an Asmodian like me. I therefore refer you to a previous thread of mine which helps out with this:

Can Somebody Tell Me When Ancient Sanctum of Life in Lakrum is Held by Asmos??

It isn't that old as I recently got this gear for my poor nerfed Sorceress, my main, Aieryn, and let's just say, she's not such a pushover anymore, lol.

I hope you have saved your current gear or, what I mean is, the gear you had upon returning to the game.  For if you had outfits you liked the looks of you can still use them for skins. And you'll need them believe me. For much of the new gear in the game is a Fashion Disaster and you will want to change the looks of it most likely.

As for better gear than I mention here. Yes there is both in Lakrum and more so in Demaha and beyond. There are group instances in both Lakrum and Demaha that have great drops but as usual in AION you will prolly have to run these multiple times to get what you want. What I presented to you above is what I feel the easiest way for a returning player to get started and jump back in and have some fun as quickly as possible while earning themselves some gear worth having a long their way toward the good stuff while not having to place themselves thru too much of a grind, but,

If grinding is your thing there is the Pandora quests that will eventually earn you some decent gear. These NPC's are located outside in Lakrum a long the outer rim of the fortress no matter which faction you are with easy to follow instructions. In fact, you will run into them by following your story quests. There are other ways too to earn things like wings and gear by joining certain groups and grinding away if that's your thing as well. These NPC's you prolly already know about.

I hope this reply has helped you at least a little, and I hope to see you in game,.....er, unless your an Ely, then I might have ta smoke ya!, lol (Aieryn laughs sinisterly) ....Just kidding, I'm unlike most ppl. I don't hunt levelers or ppl gearing up. I like a challenge. Good luck! and, seriously, hope to see ya in game!

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