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Extends and regular stat cubics


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Still no way in game to get an extendable weapon since the item doesnt exist in any loot tables or events. Also regular stat cubics which could be acquired from various things in previous patches (cubic instance and quests) quite easily are extremely hard to farm due to NA disabling auto hunt. @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime Would be nice if you could forward on these problems and see if you can implement these items in future events or a way to be able to get them ingame. These items would be great for newer players to catch up.

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@Kibbelz @Loki @Hime @Gideon @Cyan


Please look into this ASAP.  You have fully REMOVED the ability to get these items in the game. Every other region has had selectable boxes in events since early 7.2 patch.

The weapons used to drop from world bosses in Demaha region but as of 7.5 patch they were removed from the drop table(the only way to get them) and were not added back to the game in any other way.


These weapons are crucial for any melee class who wants to PvP or even PvE, it is almost impossible to compete or have any chance to PvP if you are melee without the extendable weapon.

You have also removed the ability to get any Bronze/Silver/Gold Cubics of some stats(phys/magic attack) since the re-work and removal of cubic lab instance. Please fix this as new and returning players are missing hundreds if not thousands of important stats and can never catch up or be on the same level as players with these cubic stats.  


Also thanks for firing Cyan AKA Justin he was a total slacker and did nothing to better the aion community and just used NCsoft to promote is personal twitch channel twitch.tv/hi_justin so he can become the next pinksparkles or amoranth.

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