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Guaranteed Ultimate Transformations


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 @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime I want to know the date of the '' Guaranteed Ultimate Transformations '' event because all players are waiting for your answer !!

On 11/19/2020 at 9:44 PM, Kibbelz said:

Hi everyone,


We hope you are enjoying Patch 7.7! Today we’d like to go over a few topics from recent community discussions. Some of these items are from a bit further back than usual, as we’ve been readying Patch 7.7 for its deployment. Some of our team members were also helping support another major initiative for NC West: the launch of FUSER! Now that we’re past these milestones, we’d like to take a moment to speak on some of these points.


Guaranteed Ultimate Transformations

We saw quite a few inquiries asking if Guaranteed Ultimate Transformations would continue going forward for those who made a minimum threshold of attempts. We think this service is an important safety net for those who need it, and we will continue offering it during select transformation promotions. Our hope is that this reassurance will prove beneficial to those who have previously struggled to obtain an Ultimate Transformation.


World Bosses

We’ve definitely been observing much of the discussion around World Bosses, and while fixing the surface issue is a bit problematic (because of how legions and rewards function), we believe we can resolve the core issue in another way.

We’d like to begin adding some of the previous world boss drops to future content, to ensure these items are more accessible to players. The World Bosses themselves would still remain subject to the current reward dynamics, but this is something we can work with the development team to resolve in the long-term.

That will take time, and there may be design reasons which prevent it, so we think changing the reward availability is the best short-term solution here.


Minion Upgrades

Recently, there seemed to be much excitement around a promotion which was run in Korea regarding Grade S Minions. Because of this excitement, we would like to host an event next month which will provide players with guaranteed Grade S successes if they make a certain number of attempts to upgrade a Grade A minion.

Please let us know if this event type feels on-target! We know events are very important to you so we want to get this right.


Server Migration

Recently, we moved our servers over from one host provider to another. There was some concern among players who would like to have had this information shared earlier than it was, and that was helpful for us to know. In the future, we’ll keep a keener eye when it comes to sharing technical changes related to the game.

To players who wondered what motivated this move, we evaluated variables including stability, efficiency, location, provider support, and more (though these were the primary drivers). There was no single reason, and although the first week produced a few hurdles, we believe this change will lead to a superior experience for a majority of our players in the long-term.


That’s all we have for this week! Thanks for being with us on this journey, share some feedback on these topics or let us know what you’d like us to discuss in a future update in the comments below!


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You can farm sas and buy contracts, do your lugbug weeklies and make a legendary event every 2 months + events without spending anything and save up 7+ legendary dupes to get your "guaranteed ulti" when we see another promotion. Yeah it takes some work but they shouldn't necessarily just hand them out for free.

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