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  1. The +11 one seems to never move. 16x books and still +11 that is a 0% so far for me. If it was a real 20% theoretically every 5 trials I should get +1, of course chances and real RNG doesn't work like this but with 16x books it should at least have moved ONCE!
  2. The 2 hour respawn time on camps is simply inexcusable. There is no benefit on the opposite team to kill a camp captain and there is little to nothing we can do to prevent it. What they should have done is when an elyos kills an asmodian camp captain, the camp should turn to elyos with an elyos captain already, the elyos should have a quest there like they do on their map, when an asmodian goes to that camp and kill the elyos captian it should turn to Asmodian instantly. Same thing for Asmodians in Inggison. This way we could get renown on the enemy map as well while killing the enem
  3. It is not just the books, it is I got a lot of daevanion essences from a recent event and stacked them but I am running low, losing 16x books on that +11 meant I lost 16x daevanion essences.
  4. I had quit long time ago trying to get the DP daevanions mostly because they are yet another 2 sleeps that are so slow and conditional and pvp lasts less time than their cast time (ain't nobody got time to cast a 2 second skill when you are dead in 0.5 seconds) but since I had all other daevanions +15 I ended up with a hoard of daevanion book. I finally got the two of them and did them +10 with books from other skills. Once I reached +10 to one of the books then it went downhills. The chance to succeed past +10 with a same bok is higher but the chance to upgrade with other books is still
  5. Exactly, lets hope the game gets streamlined more and has less RNG for the most important things. Like getting gear, them inion you want, the best transforms etc. Nope, it is an issue but it is a gameplay issue, it is an issue between the community and the people you choose to play with, but it also has to do with the fact you pick on people who don't deal with your issues. I didn't miss the point as you implied, I just never replied to your problems. I have seen bad behavior of people and I chose to exclude them from my future plans. You cannot complain about such behavior and "d
  6. Yes it will be about 1 ulti per at least 6 months of collecting materials (similar to getting a legenedary from lugbug every 2 months for free). Which should have been implemented from start. A little too late, I know a ton of people had to quit the game because they wasted a ton of money and still couldn't get one. I never replied to your nonsense though, your rant was about people not grouping with you or leaving while forming. When you read a comment never take for granted people deal with your needs or reply to your comments. My reply was for the fact the event is for har
  7. If an event is for hard mode instancesthen it is not an event.
  8. The chocolate event is not a bad addition, it is just grind 100 mobs per day and get some event coins. A simple side-event that hurts nobody (we already kill 50 for the luna after all). The manastone socketing is ap2w right? I mean where do you get the mats for the 2 quests? Even so most people have their manastones socketed. The event for weapons is not for anyone other than a few classes and those that actually do hard mode instances. Can we never have such event as main events again please? Have it as a side event if you want but that can't bet he main event. An event that is for
  9. These are pvp instances (except for HM which is a solo easy mode isntance). Event were never for pvp instances as there is a lot of injustice due to gear/class imbalance plus pvp instances can be rigged if people play against their alts.
  10. If you read the description in the event lugbug tab it says specifically Gelkmaros for Asmodians and Inggison for Elyos. The additional screenshot is from the Taiwan version that they have the auto hunt, he simply mentioned that we shouldn't complain about this being an auto-hunt event while we do not have the auto hunt feature, because our numbers are greatly reduced because of that.
  11. Our version doesn't mention any kinah, so the message we get is just accidentally left in the translation. Case solved.
  12. Well this also means that you have to wait 6 months to get the second set of 3x Tokens. Unless of course the person is close to the month that tokens reset in which case I absolutely agree. If you are still far from that token restoration reset month, I would suggest try 4 times, if you still fail you now have 1 a-rank minion level 4 and you have months ahead of you to collect 3 more to retry with token restorations available.
  13. My mama taught me not to be a whistle blower. I hope the 1m message is wrong and we indeed do not need kinah to turn the chocolates, otherwise now they know because you told them!!!
  14. I am talking about the single player, I never played it online. The only time I played with someone else it was in home lan. What I meant from my post is that Diablo single player a faux-3D game had better story and game play than Aion the last 2 years. It is the same instances over and over. It would be better instead of recycling and deleting to re-implement later to simply upgrade all instances and maps and keep them running. At this point I'd rather run Frozen monolith again, at least that was faster than pf.
  15. The s-rank minion is not that hard to make, it is hard to get one that you need. Getting the a-rank minions might be the hard part but getting miniums is "easy" from minium vault, at 40 luna per reset for the 3 first resets, it is doable. always combine 4x a-rank minions, if they fail open a ticket and you can try this 4 times with the same 4x minions. If you still don't get one, then that is very bard luck.
  16. The hard mode was the nail, they made them so impossible to make that required you to have insane gear before you could get it. or very specific classes, early 7.0 for example people would do instances with 2x vandals because they were on steroids, every other class was useless. what is the point of doing an instance that is not meant for your class, have to run it 500 times and still not be able to get your items, or even if you got them, next mini patch you have to start all over IN THE EXACT SAME INSTANCES over another 500 times. How many times do I have to run primeth forge in th
  17. I last did a pve instance in 6.7, after doing about 300 pf runs and never getting the wings, I called it, then 7.0 came and all of the frostpacks I gathered were 2nd grade useless gear (even pandora was better). I haven't done Stella lab, never did B.Estate, never did any instance in hard mode and I refuse to recycle the same sh!t over and over again for 500 runs only to get that gear useless in the next mini patch.
  18. People confuse them for 6.0 extendables, not the 7.0 ones. Not sure since I am a mage and never bothered with them, but others stated this, maybe it is the name that confused them but they are updated versions. Who knows.
  19. I have no hopes for any new patches, so far 7.x patch is the worst times in Aion. There are some new implementations in future, like playing and doing weekly stuff and getting an ultimate transform every 6 motnsh or so. A little too late I say but finally they are changing the dead RNG game
  20. That wouldn't work because this way people could sell transforms to other accounts claiming it is their alt account. Just because having alt accounts is not against the rules, that doesn't mean that the company acknowledge them as one entity because they all belong to you. This is caused by the RNG, if you could invest in your main account and safely get what you need, it would simply not be the case. But anyways they are adding a new feature in next patches where you can get an ultimate every 6 months or so by doing weekly and daily things. It is finally implemented for those that
  21. The whole 7.x patch relies on these broken gear mechanics. 6.x believe it or not, was actually the best (6.5/6.7) because everyone would reach end game gear, there were no tricky items, no special items, nothing weird. Now it is practically impossible to reach end game, there are things you can't even have to reach it, and getting bitterthorn+15 is defo not even halfway there. Even +15 daevanions/stigmas etc are not enough.
  22. There is already a mega-thread about this and a petition included. But if they implement an aion classic in NA, they would probably have to close the retail, like only some p2w whales that invested thousands of $$ in retail would stick to it.
  23. I was hoping for an event with an instance to be honest. I never liked events that give rewards in end game pve instances as I do none of them or open world grinding as again it is not my cup of coffee. But anyways, it is what it ism, there are weeks without events to begin with.
  24. And with the "kill 50 mobs" to get the luna pouch it will now actually be legal to auto hunt for kinah boxes.
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