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Free to play, False


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1 hour ago, Load said:


They kinda do. It's misleading to say the least.

Kinda yeah. They should change it to "try free trial now" instead.

1 minute ago, Moi said:

I do agree that quest items should be 100% lootable whether you have siels aura or not.  That is something they really need to fix.  

That wouldn't be an issue if they had implemented special cube from the very beginning.

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I agree, the  "Play Free" advertising for Aion Classic is totally misleading and unethical.

You can't just put a banner which says "Play Free" then hide the real cost in some  fine print you have to find, there is all sorts of consumer legislation against that.

We all know Aion Classic is a subscription game, NCwest is doing a con job to suck in  new people with false advertising.

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