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Weekly Server Maintenance - July 25, 2023 [Aion]


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  • Aion Team

Tomorrow we will be holding our regularly scheduled maintenance for Aion. Downtime will begin at 3:00 pm PDT / 10:00 pm UTC / 5:00 pm CDT and will conclude after approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Aion Maintenance Notes
The following changes will be coming to the game during this maintenance:

  • Summer Festival Events Begins
    • July 25 - August 8 August 15
      • Summer Nights Fireworks
      • Ultimate Starlight Soul Stone Instance Drop
      • Apsaranta PVP Quest Event
  • Spring Transformation Bundle Promotion Begins
    • July 25 - August 15
      • Spring Transformation Shard Bundle – 300 BCC
      • Spring Transformation Shard Bundle (x11) – 3,000 BCC
  • AN Daeva's Pass - Season 11 Begins
    • Event Duration: July 25 – August 22
    • Mission Ends on August 20
  • Glory Point Reset
  • Transformation Coin Promotion
    • NPC/Item Removal
    • Special Transformation Coin
    • Special Transformation Coin Box
    • NPC Secretive Merchant
  • AN Daeva's Pass - Season 10 Ends
  • Shugo Coin Event Pass Season 2 Ends
  • Store Update: Outfit Collection Ends
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We are not getting an acknowledgement  about the prestige pass Ice Cubes being x1 or x2 every 30 minutes, are we? @Wissp 

Also its no longer Spring but good to have a Spring Transformation Bundle Promotion, for which you had a page up last night that was named differently, as in Yustiel/Lumiel Spring Transformation Bundle Promotion and it had Yustiel/Lumiel contract being sold for 3000ish shards, but my guess is like usual someone here decided that it was way too generous to give something directly instead of under 10 layers of RNG and its getting "updated", right?  Hence the page deletion and the promotion "rebranding"?

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It should even be fixed for a safe ultimate transformation for new users or those who do not have collections such as Transformation Contract Selection Box 4 type that could arouse the interest of many people who want to have even 180 CDMG 

I assure you that if they do that, people will be encouraged to buy it because they will receive something 100% functional, that is, 3000 BCM Coin = Transformation Contract Selection Box 4 type

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4 minutes ago, Kempachi said:

Incluso debería arreglarse para una transformación final segura para los nuevos usuarios o aquellos que no tienen colecciones como el tipo Transformation Contract Selection Box 4 que podría despertar el interés de muchas personas que quieren tener incluso 180 CDMG. 

Les aseguro que si hacen eso, la gente se animará a comprarlo porque recibirá algo 100% funcional, es decir, 3000 BCM Coin = Transformation Contract Selection Box 4 type

It seems to me that it would be just that of a safe 4-type transformation box for 3,000 BCC. The community would appreciate it since this event as such is not 100% safe to be able to get enough fragments for the 6-type ultimate transformation pack

We should support the entire Aion community, because we know every day that users stop playing because it is so difficult to achieve an ultimate transformation and a collection of CDMGs support this notion @Wissp

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1 hour ago, kazzer said:

aquí información de probabilidad sobre "[BCM] Spring Day Transformation Shard Bundle" [300 BCM x1] para grandes p2w, si eres casual, no lo intentes.

and I'm considering buying this event lol, it's not worth spending more than 500 dollars for nothing because if you buy 100 fragments at 300 it would be 30,000 plus an extra, it wouldn't even reach 600 fragments, not even to get a transformation of 6 types = (  get your accounts, gentlemen, pay to be disappointed and even uninstall the AION for events like this with they don't give 100% security of having what one needs quote, aion already looks like scam mobile games. if you are going to sell something, do it honestly we are not in korea that they are crazy there, the AION is NA we are not playing 24/7 or giving away money with nothing in return, understand that with this only 10 stupid people will buy the rest, they will just wait or they will simply go to private servers where they give what one really wants.

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Yeah, when even Korea passed a law that makes them disclose the odds on lootboxes, but here its still the wild west of "surprise mechanics", you know corporate lobby and regulator incompetence is rampant. Spread the word about the odds, because these kind of "sales" are designed to fool enough people before they realize its loaded against them, or worse play off/instill gambling addictions.

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Hace 21 minutos, Viseris-KT dijo:

Sí, cuando incluso Corea apareció una ley que les obliga a revelar las probabilidades de las cajas de botín, pero aquí sigue siendo el salvaje oeste de la "mecánica sorpresa", ya sabes que la incompetencia del cabildeo corporativo y los reguladores es rampante. Corra la voz acerca de las probabilidades, porque este tipo de "ventas" están diseñadas para engañar a suficientes personas antes de que se den cuenta de que están en su contra, o peor aún, jugar o inculcar adicciones al juego.

Tienes razón mi amor, pero este equipo de trabajo de AION NA no quiere entender que cada día son menos los usuarios que compran, y más aún los que son engañados a la primera ya no quieren caer en este tipo de engaños por la segunda o tercera vez, por ejemplo, las ASMO están compuestas por 90% LATINOS, eso quiere decir que el sueldo o salario mínimo por trabajo es de 390 dólares mensuales, ¿ustedes creen señores de AION que van a dejar de comer para darte más de $500 en un evento sin saber que la recompensa pagada será del 100%? No lo creo, por eso debería tomar medidas y hacer eventos directos o privatizar el servidor y dejar que todas las transformaciones se logren fácilmente y solo se dediquen a vender sus skins, recuerden que la mayoría de los compradores de eventos como CHIKIBOOM, entre muchos, Se han ido a otros servidores de Aion, and with them their followers and their wallets

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5 hours ago, Shiftie-DN said:

@Wissp was the change to daeva pass quests intended?

Yeah thought i would try the 3K box to see what it gives, total was 45 shards for 11 bundles, so no more spending on that....

Unlucky, Ty for supporting the server keep it up next event ❤️.

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  • Roseae unpinned this topic
On 7/30/2023 at 5:57 PM, Lapis-DN said:

sent a ticket to NCsot and they told me to keep posting on forums

HAHAHAHAHAHAH they are a big joke. i'm just dropping this event, not this time i will get the denku set

They extended the event by one week. 

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