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New video we hate 5.0 ready for aion revolution ? o-o


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Here're the clues


Clue 1. Torn Haideva Foster In 2015, the Haida Deva Foster ,representing the "High Deva" Story after the 65th level, was unveiled on the seventh day of Deva! What does this mean?

Guess 1. A big change comes to the Hi-Deva Story? 
Guess 2. The evolution of the high-definition, the higher-level development of the debar? 
Guess 3. Hideba is reborn as Row Deva? 
[Joa Shiro's expedition of reasoning!] The tearing of the posters that symbolized Haideva is  a warning that there will be a big change in Haideva's story.

Clue 2. The eyes of Erezguigal reveal The blue eyes of Erezguigal appear behind the post of Haiteva that is torn. Will the attack of the solvent begin?

Guess 1. With Hi-Deva, the solvent will also be destroyed. 
Guess 2. Erezguigal reveals his appearance and attack Deva? 
Guess 3. Erezguigal hits Deva one more time and hits Deva through the servants? 
[Joa Shiro's expedition!] Until now, Erezguigal has been attacking Deva's people through his servant without revealing his appearance, but now the story of Erezguagal's full-scale attack will appear.

Clue 3. The secret of the invitation
is revealed. The date of release at the end of the video,2017.12.20 (Wed)What is the relationship between this date and the invitation?

[JoAshiro's expedition!]
The invitation, which was released before the video, is supposed to be the date when the contents of this invitation will be released in earnest! 
Is not it the day when various news about Aion change is transmitted? 
Bonus event It was field test that Aion's pounding change was felt even in short video.Before the change of Aion, let's get a gift prepared by Joe Shiro! [Event content]Predicting changes in Aion, let's freely comment on cheering!

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54 minutes ago, Neleth-KT said:

"2015년, 7번째 데바의 날에 공개되었던 65레벨 이후의 "하이데바" 스토리
이를 대표하였던 하이데바 포스터가 찢겨져 나간다!
이것이 의미하는 것은 무엇일까?"

Clue 1. Torn Haideva Foster In 2015, the Haida Deva Foster ,representing the "High Deva" Story after the 65th level, was unveiled on the seventh day of Deva!

What does this mean?

This basically says that this video/an article (the one you linked above), showcasing the Archdaeva and Ereshkigal, were released a few days ago or today (I am not keeping up with their Anniversary schedule). Its just the introduction.

Then he posts three guesses as to what the deal is here:

  1. A big change incoming to the story of the Archdaeva (as in whats to come)
  2. A new kind of "Daeva" is revealed. (As in 10-65 Daeva, 66-75 Archdaeva, 76+ new kind)
  3. The Archdaeva is reborn as a lesser Daeva (I suppose this one implies different stuff depending on whether you are seeing it lore-wise or gameplay-wise)

The rest is fairly readable. :P Just replace "solvent" with "Dragon Lord", and all "Haideva"/"Haiteva"/"HiDeva" with Archdaeva.

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LOL I just got an idea what low daeva means xD 

It reminded me of Ragnarok Online where people leveled to 99 and reborn as a novice lv 1 then level up to high class they got more hp/mp than normal class at same level more stats points and new skills.

It's lame in my opinion and more grinding ._.

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Aion 5.0 exp chart

Ragnarok Online (renewal) exp chart

Ragnarok Renewal's exp curve is much shallower than Aion 5.0's, but that means your exp gain is much slower at early levels.

Also monsters only give couple thousands of exp each before server exp events and battle manuals (basically exp amulets in Aion). So players had to mob up huge groups of monsters and blow them up with spammable AOE skills.

In Ragnarok Renewal, the character is like this:

Novice -> 1st class -> promote at job 40-50 -> 2nd class -> transcend at level 99, job 50 -> 1st transcendent class -> promote at job 50 -> 2nd transcendent class -> promote at level 99, job 70 -> 3rd class -> level 175

At Ragnarok's launch, level cap was 99.

With transcendant class launch, level 99 character can rebirth, then level to 99 again with increased exp requirements.

With renewal, 1st and 2nd (transcendent) exp requirement was greatly reduced, massive change to game mechanics (including exp system and monster stats). Level cap increased to 150 with 3rd class.

Renewal also severely limited up where players can level, due to exp penalty applied against low level monsters (particularly if monster is 21+ levels below you). So with renewal there are so few places worthwhile to level up.

Some later update, level cap was raised to 175.


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On 12/8/2017 at 10:34 PM, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

Currently (5.0-5.8) it takes 212,018,420,019,754 to get from level 1 to 99. But nobody can even hit level 76 now.

We will wait and see how will the exp chart be revamped for 6.0. Just please don't lock things up to require reaching level cap (blood mark quests in 4.x, elemental transforms in 5.x)...

but im 76 :<



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On 12/18/2017 at 10:23 AM, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

No you're not... Just level 75 and 100% exp (like level 9 and 65 when you don't meet campaign requirements to level up)

You may have enough exp to hit level 76 but the game just simply doesn't allow you to get the level up...

same poop different toilet, basically 76, the hard parts basically done anyways

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