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Refering Manastones +9 And +10 Calculations


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So this is the situation, my MR set is socketed with 15 +9 Will's. Back in the day getting +10's was out of this planet so the goal was to fully socket the gear with 36 manastones before getting the diminishing return. In aion everything changes rather quick so now +10's are an option, in a wonderfull world where everything its joy and fun one would fully socket the 38 +10's, but sadly thats only for the rich. 

My question giving the set up is, ammm wtf do i do... if i start socketing +10's now having already 15 +9s will this fck up the diminishing return calculations?, if so how?, if not how do i know to what aim?, all obviously aiming to get the best MR possible.


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What do you mean 'before getting the diminishing return'. It diminishes at the very start, there is no cap.

This is the formula 1 divided by (550 + x)/ 550 where x is your stat point. If you are at 1 will, that 1 will is 100% efficient pretty much, at 450 will, it averages out to 50% efficiency.

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I find using CP for basic stats useless, you can get the stats at a point where the dimisnishing rewards make them useless even with the manastones. The best way to use your CP is to enchant skills or get new ones.

As for the diminishing results, there is a google doc for 5.5 basic stats but I haven't found something similar for 5.8.

And I do not mean that application that shows the end result, I mean the one that showed at what point it no longer worths putting a +10 stone over a normal (or combined one).

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Aion 5.6 CP tables and graphs

In this spreadsheet you can see exactly how much stats will give you exactly with n points in each of the 6 primary stats. The graphs visualizes how much the diminishing returns apply to each stat. Certain stats (particular physical defense and magic suppression) have very severe diminishing returns while other stats (like physical attack, magic boost, magic resist) have much less diminishing returns effects.

Stat gain for a particular stat are proportional to CP / (CP + stat1_b).

stat1_b used to be uniformly 550 before 5.5, so every stat had the same diminishing return factor. With 5.6 that value differs across different affect stats.

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This video and spread sheet was for 5.5. I think it is still good for 5.8.

It is not just Manastones; it is Manastones + any CP we put into the Enhance Character Tab. That total factors into diminishing returns.

  • When the grand total of Will is 385, the next 10 more Will (via a +10 Manastone or just add 10 in the Enhance Character Tab) will give us 16 more MR.
  • When the grand total of Will is 386, the next 10 more Will (via a +10 Manastone or just add 10 in the Enhance Character Tab) will give us 15 more MR.

Copy the google spreadsheet and place 16 in the blue box under "Threshold." Threshhold shows us how much CP we need for the next 10 CP to give us 16 more of any stat. The video may explain that better.


If you want to see what happens if you swap 15 +9 Wills with 15 +10s:

  • In the Enhance Character Tab, add 15 more CP into Will (not 15 total, 15 more then you already have in there).
  • The green numbers will show what you are getting.
  • If you had any CP already in Will, then subtract the original number from the new number.

Hope this helps.



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what calculations you need?, you can just look in your  profile before and after changing (before u remove stones)  manastones and you will see the new stats and diffrences .....

for example 1 manastone Power +7 gives 8 points attack and 56-60 points physical defence

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