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[Aion 6.0] SM Chain Skill Changes


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I won't get into all the skill changes here since they have been posted in various other places. Full list of skills available here Full Skill List  Deavanion Skills

New Chains

  • Backdraft (repeats 5 times) Instant Cast. 18sec CD. Absorbs 30% of damage as HP/MP.
  • Summoning Alacrity > Summon Earth/Water/Fire/Wind Spirit *
  • Vacuum Choke > Summon Wind Servant
  • Erosion > Root of Enervation
  • All other chains remain the same

*Spirit summons can only be cast after Summoning Alacrity except for Lava/Tempest. 

Changes worth mentioning (again)

  • Ignite Aether/Magic Implosion now only remove 2 buffs/debuffs instead of 3
  • Infernal Blight CD reduced to 1min. Duration 30sec.
  • Spirit's Empowerment CD reduced to 1min
  • Sigil of Silence and Body Root merged
  • Sympathetic Mind is now a Passive skill.
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5x backdraft with instant cast put a smile to my face.  The alacrity into spirit is...okay I guess.  Vacuum choke into summon wind servant lol.  Will still be custom chaining it with alacrity.  Erosion into Root of Enervation?  PvP efficiency is naise.  However summoning spirits only available after alacrity means you gotta be more careful with your spirit dying.


Rip so lazy to use all strip spells in PvP but now I guess I have to since it got reduced 1 buff.  Root merge helps me clean my bar so my OCD can chill.  But hot damn can't complain with 50% up time on IB, 100% uptime on SE, and SM is a passive!


Thanks for the update!  Looking forward to 6.0 for these buffs.

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7 hours ago, Lenalyn-DN said:

Sympathetic Mind being a passive is actually a nerf, if I'm understanding this correctly. I'm assuming you'd only get the 200 ma/mb buff if a spirit is summoned. The 5x backdraft is pretty interesting though.

Skill is always active with or without spirit summoned. Backdraft was merged with Soul Torrent and the animation with the Absorb Star skin is pretty great.

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January 24 2018 Update brings a few "fixes" for SMs.

  • Reverted changes to Backdraft, 2sec Cast time, 18sec CD, absorbs 100% of damage as hp/mp.
  • Added Soul Torrent again, Instant Cast, 1min CD, x5 repeat
  • Adjusted the effect of Sympathetic Mind (555 Mag Acc, 555 Mag Damage, 200 MS*)
  • Adjusted the effect of Summon: Wind Servant, Summons a Wind Servant that attacks every 3sec for 10sec
  • Adjsuted the effect of Summon: Cyclone Servant, Summons a Cyclone Servant that attacks every 3sec for 10sec

*Not sure why it still specifies MS when it was merged into Magical Defense in 6.0.

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