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Why are the candy weapon skins on BCM untradable?


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On 2/16/2018 at 3:51 AM, Cyan said:

There are indeed only non-tradeable versions of the items in game. We can explore requesting adding tradeable versions for next year but unfortunately there will not be time to add it this year.

Thank you kind sir, I'd appreciate it. I speak for others too.


11 hours ago, Heat-KT said:

stop complaining and just buy ncoin for 10 dollars, its jsut one days lunch money

First of all, not all countries can buy ncoins so easily, it gets expensive when converting currencies, so no, it isn't always the same lunch money as you call it to be.  Second of all, that was an ignorant response.  I speak for others that are not able to buy ncoins so easily due to the 5300 error, as well as the fact they can't buy at all yet they would want to. So yes, this is a valid complaint.

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And the people without an international card? Not everyone can purchase virtual items for dollars online.

It's a shame but I guess it adds to the "exclusivity" of some items. I don't think it makes much harm, to be honest, it's just skins. Would be nice to see more of these harmless perks for NCoin buyers instead of temperings and omegas.

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I hate to say it, but  we have asked for these skins to have a tradeable (non-event) version for literally years. The staff here always says they will ask, but the next year rolls around and Korea hasn't seen fit to make the tradeable version.

I'm not so hopeful.

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