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That isn't actually an NCsoft rule. In fact, not everyone even does it. The group of players I often run with will pass or roll at random because we don't really need anything from the instances. We don't keep track of who got what. Have you tried marking people who got loot? That helps deter people from rolling again. Also, if they don't stop, just kick them from the group and replace them.

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This is good reason to run with a people that you know. I know when I make groups, I say, "Take one and pass." If a pug doesn't, I kick and block. 99% of the time people behave once you make your group rules clear.

I wish NCSoft would implement a "Need Before Greed" system. At least if someone is rolling on everything they will only be able to do that with class gear.

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Adding roll options like:

  • Class only roll
  • Win one and auto pass

Would be cool. Group leader just needs to let everyone know what the roll settings will be before going into the instance.

A long time ago, I decided that I would pass pass pass. I grew so tired of people rolling when they shouldn't leading to an avalanche if anger. Now I roll only if someone demands it.

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I'm like you, I pass if I don't need the item being rolled on, if I do, I'll roll for it and hope I get it. I've never done take 1, pass the rest, you roll on what you need, pass the rest, leader gets items all pass on, extra pay for being leader by selling those things.


Just today, people want to be greedy and roll on everything instead of passing what they don't need. Id we all passed what we don't need, then we'd all get a shot at what we do need. Of course if no one needs anything, then, just roll and sell whatever you get but, if someone needs items that might drop in that group, let the ones that need it roll and, the rest pass.


Communicate, if you need a specific drop that might come, say so from the start, then be willing to accept the roll happily if others need the same item and, it does drop. No need getting upset over rolls, that's RNG at work, maybe next time it's yours.

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