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Augment Burn Canyon

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The rewards from Evergale Canyon are low because there is practically no limit while entering. There has to be a balance somewhere.

If you have that much trouble keeping up with Augment, then you should have chosen another set to use, like Ahserion, or PvE gear.

I am not saying the AP required to augment a set is not ridiculously high though. :P

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Well i have 4 pvp sets a MR set a MS leather set a arena block set and a 75aug set which is my main pvp set crit/attack/acc the other 3 sets i switch to situationally so for me to make a asherion set to run one instance is insane. Mabe they need put a limit on the instance runs you can do and up the ap gain is all i'm saying.  i am not using pve gear to run a  pvp instance i mean whats the point i might as well be one of those ppl who afk it and get kicked.

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i go though almost 2 augments a week if i go into canyon its almost a 50% augment burn  i think eb is ok but they should have some sort of solo instance or 6 man thing were i can earn my own augment and not rely / fight 23 other ppl for 1 all the damn time  i pvp a LOT  as anybody on DN knows mostly elyos xD but seriously need more easy to get augments or ap ors something at this rate

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