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Aion Stinks


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to begin the stigmas are broken and remain in +0

the rate of enchanting gear is very low to be stones that take time to get fail too much

very high the cost of equipping stigmas and desequipar to be more difficult to get quinas should be free to equip and desequip stigmas

the balls of machines of the event moon give a value of quina of 10,000 is a joke of bad taste for what asks to craftearla

the new items have the same appearance and the store has the same items every day

if it's easier to raise from lv but play the game if it stinks if you play with a pj created from 0 and you equip stigmas then you realize that the machine you build at lv vajo is small and equip stigmas you have no machines to travel and the mob do not release machines or items that you can sell at lv vajo so it is ridiculous that equip stigmas is so expensive there is much to rebalanzear and you can not pass machines to your pj of your account so create a pj of 0 and this is left without machines to equip stimgas and then you can not travel is a joke in bad taste and ridiculous as I'm going to upload a new class if to equip stigmas I have no machines to travel and if you complete all the quest of the map and still the cost of machines and the difficulty of getting it to lv vajo stinks if getting quina to lv vajo it is difficult to equip stigmas is free or that you can deposit machines in the account warehouse


My opinion is that the game at this time needs a rebalanze or run out of players, if many hundreds of new players arrived for the new update but if they do not improve what is said will be left without players

right now it's just fun to play when you have an old pj but
climb one from 0 in lv 54 gelmaros stinks.

Well I withdraw from this game, it was fun but this game has already died, possibly need more staff or just have so many other games that do not know what to take, as the saying goes that takes a lot of little squeeze, it was good game but it is too ridiculous, remember this game with love but it's time to play new games at least you can see that they only want to earn money and not the game itself if someone who sees a game as a difficult business that understands what is fun and what is not. for example dark soul is difficult but it is fun instead aion version na sucks and if they release the incomplete version at least say that they will improve it because at the moment it is boring


bye aion </3

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2 minutes ago, DevilNest-KT said:

Machines =  Kinah
vajo = Low
pj = Player Character

TL DR: struggle of new/returned players

Thank you. You just saved a good 10 min of my life as I tried to figure out exactly what was going on with this post.

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I am having the most fun in this patch then had in long, long time.  PVP in open world is where the fun is at for me.  4 people just diving into zergs.  Is there some stuff that needs fixing yup, but after 1 week they can try and fix things over time.  Sure things like sieges stink for outnumbered sides but siege has always been that way, My suggestion is do the stuff you enjoy and try not to sweat the rest especially after 1 week.

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5 minutes ago, DevilNest-KT said:

My suggestion learn some quick insults in the enemy faction language, very important to enjoy PvP.

yes you and I have had a few allready ;-)

typical noob and rubbish always works.  Still fun how pvp should be you win and sometimes you die get up dust self off and go back again.  Was funny yesterday like 24 zerg us down yesteday temp proceeds to stand laugh at us with few others around we self rez and he hit charge and ran back to guards/zerg was hilarious.

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