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Wonky Eyeballs - Color Change After Patch


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8 minutes ago, Sweetzerlandia-KT said:


I wondered if there is any way to fix this eyeball glitch aside from bugging support for a plastic surgery ticket.  Ever since the patch a ton of my alts have wonky eyes now lol

Good morning :D

Unfortunately there is no way, at the moment, to fix the bug by yourself.

I heard that some people still even keep the bug after remodelling their character. 

I tried to contact support for a remodel ticket to be used on my affected characters but they said no.

They are working on it, that's what I got said.

And i'm like


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This bug seems to only effect either one set of eyes, or a couple sets of them.  Every toon I see with this bug has this style of eyes.  If you have the remodels to burn and experiment; try changing your eye set.  My suspicion is that there is a deleted file for this set of eyes, and it's for the black eye, because on Asmo's, toons with this eye set will also be missing the red glow in battle.  Something maybe to do with the lighting.  

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