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Ek Server and GM Hacks


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https://gyazo.com/64594338955642212a0ec596debc9f03 This is from our server showing a Elyos reviving a weapon that should not even be possible! Our GM's and people who work for NcSoft play Elyos and there for give all perks , hacks too there side. This being one that needs to be resolved. Come on Elyos using weapons  that should not be on our server is total BS. Everyone who can post please do.

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1 minute ago, wasabi-EK said:

wondering if u actually serious lol, if it was a GM, he was probably just trying something and never gonna use it, this is why GMs dont come more often

Umm. No.

This isn't a GM "testing something". It is definitely a real player with a weapon they should not have and make no mistake.. they are using it. Period. Don't try to down play this.

But it isn't some vast conspiracy either. More than likely this is a case of Support going full-on Support and giving someone an exchange weapon and thinking that it's fine because they pay a lot of money to the game or they were sick of this person pestering them or they are just terribly stupid. (Don't laugh.. much of Support has the brain power of a rotten green potato.) 

As @Shaperz-DN has said. We need to wait for an explanation and the whole player base deserves one. Unfortunately it is the day before Thanksgiving in the US and the staff probably won't be around until Monday.

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