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Enchantment rate back to 6.2?


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Bad luck with RNG on the ultimate stones.

The success rate for using Ultimate stones on +12 legendary gear is 58% and 55% in 6.5 and 6.2 respectively.

My +14 legendary PvP wings failed 5 ultimate stones before finally succeeded getting it to +15. That was after getting 6.5 rates while we were still on game version 6.2.

6.5 enchantment rates

6.2 enchantment rates

Because ultimate stones are so expensive, I would use the following to enchant legendary gear personally:

  • +10 -> +11: Ancient
  • +11 -> +12: Legendary
  • +12 -> +13: Legendary
  • +13 -> +14: Ultimate
  • +14 -> +15: Ultimate

Note: I would not use ancient stones on ultimate gear +10 -> +11 due to high kinah fees for every enchantment attempt.

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1 hour ago, Belty-DN said:

Yo not even funny, I wasted like 57 Legendary PVP Stones on a +5 Ultimate and it never went over +7...... plus its stayed at +6 xD

Awesome fix guys. Ultimate Enchanting Stones are failing like crazy to.

Rates were never boosted for Ultimate Gear. Dont burn all stones the same day, 3-5 the most - more you spend, more you fail.

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6.5 enchantment rates, compared to 6.2 rates are as follows:

  • Ancient equipment
    • +20% success chance with Ancient or Legendary stones
    • +30% success chance with Ultimate stones (still, don't waste ultimate stones here!)
    • Enchantment from +9 have the success rates of +8 instead +10-14
  • Legendary equipment
    • +3% success chance with Ancient stones, if equipment is +8 or less
    • +3% success chance with Legendary or Ultimate stones
  • Ultimate equipment
    • Same as 6.2
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2 hours ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

This game is so unrewarding in many aspects, enchanting at this time is the worst among them. Literally grind for weeks... and you lose progress, it's some kind of sick joke that we keep playing on ourselves by continuing to support this game and play it.

That's why I learned to stay away from these Korean RNG nightmare games. They're built to jut suck your life away. Life is too short to waste 6 months of it trying to enchant some dumb gear. Aion has always been like that though unless you just give them thousands of dollars. It's madness. Fun game, just impossible to get anywhere unless you're some rich Saudi Prince. You will have grey hair by the time you get your gear enchanted well enough to compete on the level you need to.

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It's only a problem when you take yourself too seriously (lol). People are mad because they "have to" no-life to get to the top... ok well first, no one is forcing you to no-life the game. Like literally no one. Play or don't play; casual or not casual, it's all YOUR choice. Second, did you think getting to the top endgame was going to be some kid roller coaster ride?? Then I would recommend NOT playing any MMOs, and play single player console games or something. Just because you chose to spend your time here despite knowing it's not easy and never will be, doesn't mean it was "wasted" by default. Shifting the fault/blame to people who spends money isn't going to change any of that but your ego.

Seriously ppl… get a life--literally. Go do stuff with your rl friends.

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