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So... Report a gold seller function is a joke to u?..


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this post is sending to every one  who thinks the functions that DEVS give to us is a joke


A few days ago, lot of ppl even reported me on tickets (not ask how i do know xp) but they also also reported for "Gold Selling" function, wich is only use for BOTS

2 things about this:


1- That reason is why devs ppl dont take us serious, cuz u use the funcion for ur own and not for the real purpuse

2-Getting mad or salty again some 1 doesnt make u to use the function at ur will, there is an option that is being call BLOCK PLAYER 


i usually dont make this kind of post but now i understand why aion na doesnt take srs us, the player base uwu



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Don't forget there's a warning in STR_MSG_REPORT_CHAT_CONFIRM about abuse of the function:

  • NA: You have reported [Character] for gold selling. With enough reports they will be silenced. Abusing this function can lead to penalties.
  • EU: [Character] has been registered. Please keep in mind: Restrictions will be imposed for false registrations.


  • NA: Report Gold Selling
  • EU: Report chat
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