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Guess it : Lastly, keep an eye out for information on another of our projects


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What projects that our producer mentioned could be ?

1.New Server - It's quite possible since we will reduced server from 5 to 2.

2.Instant level to 65 with uber gears that u need to pay for - BnS got this long time ago so aion should have this too.

3.New abbey - Suppose to help us gearing easier and more exp quest better than before.

4.Aion mobile game - No idea at all.

5.Massive update to BCM  - well a good shop is the one with a lot of selections.

My concern is at 1 if they really planning to launch a new server the biggest question is how they make sure it doesn't become berita 2 ?
My suggestion is if they launch server in texas again it does not bring any new players just same people who reroll what about launch server in Oceania or SEA ? or at least west coast server in CA.
Let's pretend this server will launch soon,How to prevent old players to reroll in new server ? my suggestion is make 2 events differently for new servers and old servers,new servers could launch with homebound event and old servers could launch with something lv66+ event with interesting loots.How to make sure there won't be too many of asmo or elyos ? Implement a system which auto buff exp 100% drop rate 100% when one side is not favored in UA.

That's all from me now :)

If anyone can think which projects that the producer talking about try ur guess here.


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22 minutes ago, Chashu-SL said:

Mobile game Lineage 2 revolution.  It says coming soon and has a pre-register button on the google play store for United States region.

Can't be this. Look at the original post from Gideon:


Lastly, keep an eye out for information on another of our projects - we can't give away too many details now, but we're certain it will greatly improve player experience.

How would a Lineage 2 (or even an Aion) mobile game improve our player experience?

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A "project" that will "greatly improve player experience" make me think of:

1. An updated prestige pack with XP related perks.

2. An implementation of the Korean only Growth system

3. Maybe something as simple as a functioning Character Search.

The instant 65 was an event in Korea so that seems plausible.

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