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Expoitable bug, need fix ASAP


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12 hours ago, Lolnotagainlmao-EK said:

@Cyan theres a bug that need fixing asap,  if you enter EC and someone kick you, you can go back to the same battleground and won't lose a run, basically you can get kicked and re-enter multiples time doing like 4-5ec and gaining rewards of 10.

This is not actually an exploit they set it up so they can perma ban everyone in 1 fell swoop and shut down Aion confirmed tinfoil hat mechanics.

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7 hours ago, Afterglow-KT said:

Is this why I see some famous names dragging out sure losing quick runs?

Famous people?! Like who? Did you see Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber? How about Mark Wahlburg or Michael Jordan?

I thought NcSoft fixed the main bug in that awful cauldron coin that was destroying the game and ruining players experiences with Aion.

NcSoft fixed the kick feature in evergale months ago! It's in their patch notes back in 6 point something.  They are really on top of this stuff you know.


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