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Is there gonna be some Aion classic , some time ?


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32 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:


It was tried in Korea and closed rather quickly.

We don't have the population for another server of any type anyway.

Shut this down then. There might be 1600 players on this game between the 2 servers and thats probably a generous assumption. Bet a Classic Server brings more than that starting at 1.9 patch

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What I think would have been THE BEST thing they could do is merge the two free servers into one (to make it more alive) and then have another server that will be subscription based like before and give existing characters the ability to immigrate freely to that server one time. This should have been done long time ago.

The subscription based server should have something like the EU with a free to login type of thing, but great limitation in everything (including looting of mobs so bots won't be able to farm for 6 months and then put a 7-day prestige to trade their loots to a main). It should have some active inspection, better rewards on events and MUCH less pay to win!

But lets stop dreaming.

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