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Is it worth it to login and play? I think it is but in reality it depends on your point of view and what your looking for. However I will say this: I wouldn't spend too much money on the game if your just logging in to see what has changed since you've been gone. Other than that, hope to see you in game, er, unless your Ely, lol, he, he, he...........

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Good to hear from you Weevy "Please don't call me Weezy" Wonder!

It is worth logging in for:

1. the Altar sieges in Damaha (8:00pm server time)

  • Join an ally if you can, but we get credit for just following an ally in then kill gate/mobs/boss.
  • then maybe we have time to rush to another Altar and get credit for that one too.

2. get one of the five daily quests for  <Receive the Stellin Problem-Solver Reward>

  • /where Asharunerk
  • (Elyos)
  • we do not have to do the quest right away. Get one quest per day, but then do all five on the 5th day if we like.
  • The five quests reset the very next day after we hand in the 5th quest (we do not have to wait for Wed reset)

3. the three "kill five mobs" quests

  • [Weekly/Group] The Demaha Desert Altar Operation /where Medena
  • [Weekly/Group] The Demaha Plains Altar Operation /where Zerona
  • [Weekly/Group] The Demaha Volcano Altar Operation /where Lorina
  • We can do each quest 3 times, nine total, per week
  • it will be a grind if we solo, a group of 3 or 4 is much faster
  • we can hand in the quest anywhere (we do not have to go back to the NPC) then one in the group can share it.
  • so in a group we can do 3 quests back to back to back.

4. from the Gold Sand Traders window buy <Bobonerk’s Coin Bundle>

  • do not open a bundle unless we need to. the bundles stack better in our cubes.
  • we use EXP to use <Bobonerk’s Coin> to get <Bobonerk’s Gem> we use the gems to get enchantment stones

5. There are a lot of <Genesis Crystal> quests in Lakrum

  • we use Genesis Crystal to buy PvP gear and extract gear to get <Fighting Spirit Fragment>
  • we use <Fighting Spirit Fragment> to upgrade PvP gear;
  • however, it looks like the next big patch will make it easier to get <Fighting Spirit Fragment> (maybe)
  • go to the new map, Red Katalam
  • do the new quests to get some kind of new coin
  • use those coins to buy PvP gear and extract that gear

New patch should be soon-ly-ish. late Jan or early Feb

All of the above is to get <Stellium>. we need <Stellium> to buy Etium and other things....We are all addicted to it.


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1 hour ago, MayBlue-DN said:

All of the above is to get <Stellium>. we need <Stellium> to buy Etium and other things....We are all addicted to it.

Except you should never use Stellium to buy Etium, you should keep it for legendary and ultimate tickets, but those have a weekly limitation unless you join a big legion; then you will get extra with daily reset if they capture the proper altars (sometimes multiple if it's a really big and active legion, but in that case usually they will also require you to log in regularly (can't be offline for more than a few days without getting kicked, for example) and/or to join legion activities (raid bosses and altar siege) as often as possible).

But more than all of that, to get some progress on your pvp gear you will need to do most if not all of your daily pvpve instance cooldowns and your weekly genesis camps quests. Extra stuff like the 3 Demaha Altar Operation weeklies and the Stellin Problem-Solver quests won't make a difference if you're not doing your pvp instances, your weekly genesis camps and if your legion (or lack thereof) can't capture most or all altars over the course of a week so you can do the altar legion weekly quests (to get Stellium to buy leg/ult tickets to convert shitty ancient enchantment stones to leg/ult ones to enchant your gear).

Oh and then if you want to play free-to-play, better block out hours of your weekly schedule ahead because you will be doing a lot of pve for kinah (to buy the lowkey overpriced prestige badge) and afking a lot of Luna dailies/weeklies on the 12 alts of your main's account (apart from doing them on your main of course, for XP to convert to Bobonerk Gems and Luna mats to convert into useful things like legendary enchantment stones) for Luna Coins to use for extra runs so you can actually gear up in a timely manner.

You will also need alts on different accounts if you want to profit heavily from events, but imho it's a lot less important/urgent than the aforementioned things considering how long it takes to level a full account's worth of alts to 76. And that's all without mentioning your transformation which, without events, is going to be a pain- and it's going to be a pain for a long time.

However, once you are a tad geared and have found your footing amidst the dailies and weeklies... it's kinda fun and really not as demanding as it looks. If it wasn't so darn confusing and quite literally asking for you to spend to start out as a new/returning player... there'd be a lot more still playing.

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