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Lady Ciel? Has NCWest forgot about Empyrean Lord Siel by now?

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  • Western Fortress of Ciel


  • Eastern Fortress of Ciel


  • [Event] Ciel's Blessing


  • A mysterious gem created by Ciel's Blessing.
  • Something wonderful may happen if you collect them.
  • The item will be deleted at a predetermined time when the event ends.


  • Yakson
    • A user character of the Ciel server who won the server monster contest. Appears at a certain point during the event at Ancient Sanctum of Life in D'maha.


  • Ciel's Apostle
    • Attack Speed has increased by 15% and Casting Speed by 28%. Movement Speed 70%. Healing Boost has increased by +63, Physical Attack by +100, Magic Boost by +100, Physical Defense by +106, Magic Defense by +106, Crit Strike by +263, Crit Spell by +263, Additional PvP Attack by +80, and Additional PvP Defense by +80.


  • Risiel
    • A messenger of Ciel. Can be found at Ancient Sanctum of Life in Lakrum or at Outpost of Victory in Demaha for the Elyos, and at Ancient Temple of Wisdom or Outpost of Prosperity in Demaha for the Asmodians.


  • <Ciel>


  • <Ciel>


  • <Ciel's Messenger>


  • A pattern signifying Priest Hisen who belong to the Ciel's Spear Legion.


  • A pattern signifying Priest Hisen who belong to the Ciel's Spear Legion.


  • High Grade Legendary_Ciel
  • bHXTDOH.jpg


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13 hours ago, Ereliya-KT said:

In Korea its called Catalam and also called Dmaha like D'mah its not that big a deal does it really kill your immersion :P

In Korean, the name is Katalam. Writing those names (everything related to Katalam) with a C is in my opinion, a poor romanization.

The other name in Korean is DumahA and it's based on a name of an angle from Islamic mythology.
It ends with an A because words in Korean can not end with an H.

There are a lot of names (if not all) based on various mythologies.
Another example would be Inanna (the girl with heterochromia), the name can be found in Lovecraft's Necronomicon.



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