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List of Items Needing to go into Special Cube


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Our inventories are overflowing even worse than they already were with all of these new materials -- and none of them went into our special cubes! This is just ridiculous at this point. We don't have room for all of this stuff. P L E A S E consider moving the items below to be stored in our special cubes, NOT our main inventory. (I excluded tradeable items and items account warehouse-storable, so that we can continue to trade those.)

icon_item_coin_pvp_01.png Ultimate Blood Mark (ID: 186020069)

icon_item_coin_material_abyss_01.png Ultimate Blood Mark Shard (ID: 188120038)

icon_item_coin_pvp_02.png Legendary Blood Mark (ID: 186020068)

icon_item_coin_material_abyss_05.png Legendary Blood Mark Shard (ID: 188120037)

icon_item_coin_pve_a01.png Ceramium Mark (ID: 186020106)

icon_item_pvp_evolve_r01.png Legendary Ridium (ID: 152080000)

icon_item_pvp_evolve_f01.png Ultimate Ridium (ID: 152080001)

icon_item_scroll18e.png Stellin Legendary Enchantment Stone Ticket (ID: 152080096)

icon_item_scroll18f.png Stellin Ultimate Enchantment Stone Ticket (ID: 152080097)

icon_item_exp_extraction_65a.png Experience Extractor (ID: 188922000)

icon_item_coin_ldf8_reward_01.png Stellium (ID: 164010028)

icon_item_coin_ldf4_01.png Titan Coin (ID: 164010144)

icon_item_coin_ldf4_01_piece.png Titan Coin Piece (ID: 188120096)

icon_item_mix_crystal_05.png Manastone Fastener (ID: 166401000)

icon_item_mix_crystal_08.png Blessed Manastone Fastener (ID: 166409000)

icon_item_gem.png Seed of Transformation (ID: 169300012)

icon_event_item_white_dagger_01.png Candy Blast (ID: 182007423)

icon_item_highdeva_equip_coin_01.png Experience Mark (ID: 186020070)

icon_item_holy_rock01.png Ancient Memory Shard (ID: 188120032)

icon_item_holy_rock02.png Legendary Memory Shard (ID: 188120034)

icon_item_sub_material_soul_c01.png Sharp Manastone Extraction Stone (ID: 152080124)

icon_item_sub_material_soul_r01.png Tough Manastone Extraction Stone (ID: 152080125)

icon_item_sub_material_soul_l01.png Complex Manastone Extraction Stone (ID: 152080126)

icon_item_familiar_evolutionstone01.png Grade A, B, C Minium (IDs: 190200006, 190200003, 190200004)

icon_item_minion_evolutionstone_s.png Grade S Minium (ID: 190200005)

And then ALLLLLLLL of this nonsense...



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15 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

I thought I saw a note in the patch notes that you can now expand your inventory even further (probably with RL money?).

Guess this was why, lawl.

I have 6 cubes in my inventory, so how many more can we get (and how do we get more to begin with)?

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I literally have been joggling around with my 5-6 cubes of free space in my inventory which is why I love this suggestion. I know that my friends in-game also struggle a LOT with this and I'd appreciate it if @Hime could look into this. Everything is full! x.x

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