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Dear BCM person: Please add these to the store 2.0


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Hello dear BCM person, here I am once again begging asking for these skins to come back to the BCM! :D

There used be many topics like this where people would request skins that they would like to buy from BCM, in fact I was inspired by this one.


The ones I'd like to buy are listed below:


- Dream Faerie's Costume

Image: (http://aiondatabase.net/previews/cl_idiu02a_body-255-255-255_6.jpg)

(I've literally been asking every single time I log in on LGF if someone has one of these costumes for sale, so... Please please please? I remember this being very popular back in the day, so I'm pretty sure lots of people would buy it too.)


- Fairy Dress and Fairy Epaulette

Image: (https://www.aiononline.com/uploads/aion/articles/embed/05012019-1.png)



(I know this one was on the BCM somewhat recently, but I didn't get the chance to buy it. Also, every now and then I see people buying the dress for huge amounts of kinah on broker, so I bet it would sell well if it went back on BCM too.)


- Mystic Academy and Mystic Academy Hat

Image: (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DE3z2q2VwAA-utx?format=jpg&name=small)



(Now, I know these are sold with prestige coins, but personally prestige has never appealed to me gameplay-wise, and it would be very interesting if there was a way to obtain this through the BCM!)


- Island Paradise Outfit

Image: (https://aionpowerbook.com/preview/armor/cl_idarena07_2.jpg)


(I really don't know how old is this skin, because I literally have never seen a player using it, but nonetheless it is a beautiful skin and I would 100% buy it if it was available at the BCM.)


If you've read all this, by all means, feel free to post what skins you'd like to see on BCM as well! ^_^

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Oh wow, it's been over a year since I made the post this one was inspired by.

A lot of the skins I asked for in that thread were added for a while in the BCM or were given as rewards for events (or in the case of the HIPPO, THEY ADDED IT TO DAISHUNERK'S GAME OF FATE AND MADE IT NIGH IMPOSSIBLE TO OBTAIN WITH HOW RIGGED THAT "GAME" IS... sorry, I'm still salty about that. :c). Hopefully they can add them again, and also add all the other ones in that thread that were never added.

I don't really play this game anymore (I haven't for the last 6+ months) but I do log in to pay my house every month so if they add more skins to the BCM, someone let me know so I can log in and buy them!

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20 minutes ago, Loki said:

Yeah I really like this set too, I think it is https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item:110900394

You guys can really just go through the backlog of old crafted skins that are no longer available and make serious bank. Old Balic skins had especially cool/unique designs. People shelled out pretty serious kinah for them back in the day, a couple bucks is an easy substitute for getting 3+ procs in a row >_>.

Also make sure to wear that t1 Crucible hat that's basically just a studded belt slung across your head with that set :D moar belts.

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