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I reach Demaha renown level 9!

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Attended nearly every altar siege, but in a guild alliance so all the mob renown are shared among all alliance members. In the past week missed out most of the 12:00 sieges though due to family lunches outside.

Limited Edition-KT isn't have a great time capturing Altars, so a couple Altar legion quests per week at most.

Didn't get to do Legion mining quest very much...

When you run out of quests you can also farm Regatus Drakans (300 base renown, monsters stats are nearly the same as a regular common mob, only bit more HP). The Patrols (not the Sentrys) drop magic crystals too.

The level 9 Demaha renown ultimate manastone boxes are account warehousable and brokerable. The level 9 renown ultimate stone coupons cost only 1 XP mark and has a weekly purchase limit of 10.

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