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Can I have the Ultimate Contract that I got in my main acc? :( :(


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Hello everybody.

So, I was doing the anniversary event and collecting coins like crazy on multiple accounts, doing the flip platform game, other mini games and all to try a chance on the Ultimate Transformation Contracts because people were saying it was brokerable/tradeable and everybody knows the rates are near-impossible-to-get.

Then I finally got Ereshkigal Transformation Contract in my alt-account but it was untradeable. I feel very discouraged to reroll because my main account have plenty of things that requires time and effort (and luck) to get like daevanions, S-rank minion, some pieces are enchanted, etc.

Why an ultra-rare item like this one can't be tradeable/brokerable? I mean, it is super hard to get, real real hard, and the event was designed to be played on hardcore levels if you ever want to stand a chance as a free-2-player. It was one chance in a lifetime. haha


Please @Loki / @Kibbelz let me have this holy piece of joy in my main character!!!




I tried to contact the support team but they always reply me asking to put the thing on the forums:




Thank you for contacting the Aion Support Team. 

Unfortunately, we will be unable to grant your item transfer request. Moving these items between accounts is generally not allowed.
However, if you feel that these particular items should be trade-able, you can share your thoughts in our Suggestions forum https://forums.aiononline.com/ 

This is the most reliable place for our developers to gather the suggestions of our players.

Kind Regards,





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