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Opinion: 7.7 Killed LFG Groups

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So I've noticed a lot more players online since the patch hit on DN server, however LFG is like a ghost town. At first I thought it was because everyone was burnt out from the Pumpkin event but then I realized after watching my friendslist and doing region checks that it's not that people aren't running instances, it's that people are soloing all the instances. 

Between the Item Collection and Transmutation no one wants to share loot, and also everyone wants to maximize their XP farming which you can do better if you are solo playing, and I can't say I blame them.

I find this super ironic since it was not even 2 months ago when we got the Producer's letter that states;



(mechanic implement) has a profound effect on player communities by causing a substantial shift towards solo play. The corollary to this is a reduction in player interaction and engagement.

This was a primary reason they did not implement the Auto-Farming feature in NA. I agreed with their decision cause Aion should be a work together/play together game/community. But then they went ahead and gave us another event that promotes solo play and gave us the Transmutation/Item Collection that also promotes solo selfish gameplay. 

My Suggestion/Fix:

  1. Make the "Equipment Reward Boxes" shared loot so everyone in group gets one off of bosses in instances. (This will help discourage solo play for transmutation/item collection)
  2. Make all future events that depend on drop loot also groupwide so everyone in group gets one. Help promote mass farming with a group instead of solo play.
  3. Increase the Group Unity Benefit and make it only apply when the group members are within range of each other. Maybe increase the XP drastically and add an item drop rate buff to this?


Please @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime  relay these concerns to the Dev team and try to make it the #1 Priority. I know I complain about a lot of things but I promise you, if a change does not come quickly, this could potentially truly kill group/team game-play in Aion. Already I am seeing returning/new players complain they can't find groups for the easy mode instances to catch up on gear and it's truly making them suffer.  

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All really good suggestions for fixing the issue.

I think another major cause of dead lfg is because instances are no longer "yolo-able." Like, you can't just take 6 random people. The first reason is, of course, because endgame content is hard, and you don't want to waste a CD on random people who might not even have the gear/cubics. But secondly, it is because a lot of the instances require a certain group make-up again. We got spoiled in 5.x and 6.x that it didn't really matter. Now you need a tank. You need ranged dps. You need X, Y, Z. You have to really think about who you're inviting. It makes it tough. Not really sure what the fix is there, but yeah.

I especially like your #1 suggestion, but #3 is really good and creative as well. ☺️

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Just now, Vantheria-DN said:

 Now you need a tank. You need ranged dps. You need X, Y, Z. You have to really think about who you're inviting. It makes it tough. Not really sure what the fix is there, but yeah.

This is extremely true.... Templars are 100% essential for most HM instances. Gladies just can't hold agro like they use to even if their DPS is amazing and their survivability is nothing close to a templars, which is somewhat understandable, but with the massive shortage of templar players it's creating issues.

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I can't edit the OP...must not be a feature anymore, but it should go without saying, if you agree with this thread please speak up! The more players that show their concerns the more likely NCwest is likely to attempt to make changes!

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Another thing they need to fix is auto looting with minions in group. I am so bored of having to loot manually, I usually get an invite by some under-geared player in open field while doing weeklies and I always accept, but that gives us less drops in the end.

Sharing is not caring in an MMORPG when the loot is exclusive to one player and manual.

and yes, event items should never be rollable, they should be given to all players in the group or alliance, or dare I say league!

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41 minutes ago, Rag-DN said:

Another thing we noticed today was the XP inside most instances is just insanely low (With a full group it's less then 20k a kill). So going with a group just kills the XP grind which is just more motivation to solo stuff.

Even solo each mob in instances gives what, 100k XP or something, it is garbage next to what we need.

They should have had it the other way around, instanced mobs should give a ton of XP at least in hard modes, because actual players would get an incentive at doing those even just for the XP that is non existent everywhere else.

I totally forget about XP, unless we have a passive bonus and an active buff (an amulet for example for those that still have those) then XP is non existent outside quests. During passive + coffin one small bomb mob would give 39m XP and with tea it would go all the way up to 69m... in one shot! Now it is barely 2~3 million, even bomb mob killing is ridiculously slow for XP and when we have passives and buffs the two areas of bomb mobs are always full of players.

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I think the majority of players currently are more interested in the new PvP gear than running instances although I have seen quite a few groups for PvE instances yesterday. I mean I was afk a lot as I was farming in the new timeless area then for luna and cubic's and etc but I still I found groups for IDD, PF, SL, BE all easy runs. 7.9 the current KR patch does have 100x repeatable IDD normal that give for sure 1 random ultimate Sov piece to each group member so that did get addressed but unfortunately not right now.

As far as XP sure it also leaves more to be desired and I am always up for suggestions on that front. It is possible if you grind but this is NA and people don't like to grind that much so for our region esp without the auto-combat I would definately like to see something added. I feel this should be huge prio on the list over silly things like WB weapons and etc

The group dynamic like Van said is something as well for harder instances but I'd kinda think its debatable outside a Temp/AT and a Cleric/SW/Chanter the other 4 classes really don't matter what you bring but this does entirely make sense as you are taking 1 tank and 1 healer and 4 dps. Most of the low instances IDD, PF, SL are soloable BE you can do it with 6 even for NM and this prob isn't the norm because its not like you get more stuff for each player might as well take the 12 and everyone can get prestige done. The later instances can be run with less we've seen AoA easy duos, I can no longer solo it RIP tanking pulv and Gales bleh Besh easy you don't need 6 either but why not its for fun so no reason to tryhard and run less people loot isnt that great to be running less people when you can kill it faster with more. As someone who does play these roles (non-dps) its nice that we are needed I can tell you how bad it was as a temp when you never got a group because their dps is below the glad and glad could just tank the bosses or even chanter  because your dps was low before Rejuv OP moment where you could solo heal everything without trying.

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