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I was also saving Tia's ... for 3 years and now everything is gone. With all due respect, they should be that quick to erase hacks and bots. I'm almost one step away from uninstalling Aion, these things already exceed my patience. (I still like Loki and Kibbels for some reason that I don't know)

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the system deleted my paragon enchantment stones I bought few weeks back, was saving up to do paragon.
I won't bother doing any purchases for this event. it's becoming abundantly clear this game is grossly mismanaged and very little care of any level.
AND you can't even get tiamaranta's eye to work properly. like seriously

@Kibbelz @Hime @Gideon @Loki

we see as a community how "transparent" your upper management is and decisions made upon the game play for a community.

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Yes. the new policy is to delete our resources and stored goods so they can try to sell us new ones in BCM

I just hope everybody will keep this in their memory and take it into consideration in the future. I don´t like to be the only one who knows NCSoft dont respect our effort or money. 

Let them keep all those paragon enchanments from the store to pay their salaries. 

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