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Sasharomisse boot hacker


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Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't look like a bot.  I've watched the video twice and it doesn't behave like most bots do. 

For one thing, it's too slow.  Bots are computer programs, and hunting bots are designed for efficiency.  This "bot" is very slow at targeting for a computer, unless they are running it on a Commodore 64.

I have toons like this that I use for farming Luna.  I only play one toon, so the rest of my slots are utility alts for farming.  I play exactly like this.  I use either clerics or SMs, I park in a spot, and I lazily kill mobs without moving.  Luna farming is BORING.  I'm not interested in dancing around 7 times a day and actively engaging in the 50-mob grind.  I do it with the intention of getting the Luna that I absolutely need to play the game, but it's not a fun and engaging activity, so I'm not playing it like I would if I were looking to enjoy it.

Even on my main, I frequently will just auto attack.  I can't park like an SM or cleric and use pets/servants to range attack since it's a Templar, but though I'm there it probably would look like I'm "botting".  I will right click mobs, and just auto-attack, while I watch a video for school or read something for work.  I'm there, I'm actively participating, I'm just being lazy.  One great indicator that I'm not botting, however, is - as in this video - my targets are not automatically acquired after each kill.  There's a definitive and noticeable pause between each new target - because I'm not a computer able to instantly target the next mob.

The gear and the kill are no indication of anything.   Compared to my farming toons, your gear is OP.  I have some scattered Heartguard pieces of armor and weapons, but mostly they are still in ancient gear from Heiron.  I don't farm Crimson Katalam on these toons, so there are no ultimate accs to be had for softcore grinders, so all of their accessories and feather accessories are ancients from Heiron. If pretty much any active player attacked one of my toons, they would die faster than the cleric in the video. 

I could offer more observations but I have other things to do, but one final observation.  You (the author of the video) seem to be afraid of it.  Why stealth if it's a bot?  If it's a bot, it's not going to target you and attack you. Bots typically focus only mobs and ignore players.  You say it's weak and easy, so why use the aerial thrust and lock the bot so it can't fight back?  We don't get to see how "it" reacts to the pvp attack.  If it's a weak, ungeared bot, you could walk up and auto-attack and show it's behavior, safely.  If it ignores the entire time and continues to grind mobs, then it's far more likely to be a bot.  If it tries to run, then it's not.  But we can't tell, because the toon gets attacked in such a way that he/she/it has no opportunity to react or counter. 

The fact that you used stealth, and attacked the bot as if it was a dangerous player or a player that might get away would suggest that you, yourself, don't truly believe it's a bot.

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