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another dude with paragon +15 ;DDDD GG aion


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1. First you got to choose the item you want to dupe!

2. Then you make sure you have a potion or scroll on your belt but (make sure not to put a good scroll or an elixer, because you might lose the item.

3. Then you set the item that's going to be duped by you on the ground.

4. Then walk away from that item about 5 to 7 spaces (but try to do it vertically, because is so much easier).

5. Then you click on the item that you are going to duped, your character will start walking to the item.

6. The instant your character picks up the item, you click on the potion, elixer or scroll on your belt.


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7 hours ago, MechEagIe-DN said:

@Loki @Hime
I just talk with @Devil-KT he confirmed that is a visual bug you can ask Soup link you his weapon you will see
His combined have parry and ancient manastone cause he waiting for his yornforge weapon combined 
that he gona get the mats from the same dude who selling 886 incomplet yornforge weapon cause he quiting Btw...


Lmao them visual bugs man 

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5 hours ago, Zappies-DN said:

Thats Nezii's ranger he has +15 paragon on both  - was caught in group gravity hacking stormwing like 2 weeks ago too. @lYasser-KT also please leave my sorc alone bully :P

uhh i see well he famous of hacking ....

xD i just pew pew anything i see if i don't get 2 shotted first 

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