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Aion Classic: Siege Schedule


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the latest  ingame siege survey was a complete waste of time, when only 12 of 24 hours of the day was selectable it is a joke , and then in 'other' column there is no box to input an actual time.

please either get rid of static  times for fort sieges its bloody boring and isnt dynamic , or allow them to be vulnerable anytime or more than the current  useless 5  hour window ( in a 24hr game?).

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On 7/28/2021 at 9:43 PM, Enzo said:

Random question but how do you get medals at sieges? The last 3 I attended my faction either successfully took or defended a fort from either opposite faction or balaur. I actively participated and was in range to get AP during the siege from killing an opposite faction or balaur but I'm still not getting medals in the mail. If anyone can shine some light on this, that would be great. Thanks.

Only a certain amount of the top active people get medal. This is spread without your alliance/group. so if you entire alliance is afk, your total dps is very low, if you are in a group of 6 and actively killing everything you will rank high, if you are alone, there's little chance you get up high in the number. Not a lot of people receive defense medal and if there's not a lot of attacker that number goes down as well

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Ok, it's been 3mths. and I don't thing the Siege schedules are working very well at all.

This caper of only one fort going vulnerable most of the time is causing poor fort turnover.

I propose the following changes.

All 3 upper middle forts go vulnerable at once on two days  a week.

All 3 lower forts  go vulnerable at once on two days  a week.

The upper outer forts schedule remains unchanged.

This way there are still sieges 5 days per weeks but there is more chance of a fort changing hands.


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